Week one down

We are nearing the end of week one of sales. ?Every year I panic. ?I think people won’t buy the candy. ?I think that I’ve promised something and I won’t be able to deliver. ?This year I said that I wouldn’t obsess over sales. “I said and said and said those words. ?I said them but I lied them*.”

I’ve done what I can do, told everyone I could tell, sent more emails, tweeted more tweets, facebooked till my fingers bled. ?I even sent out samples to 10 sales people. ?I’ve done what I can do short of driving to each of your houses and forcing you to order. ?I wouldn’t do that…ok, maybe I would. ?Nah. ?I would just threaten to egg your house.

At this point I need to let go. ?I need to trust that the orders will come and that all will be right.

I went back and checked and after 4 days of sales last year my note was that we had made $249.50. ?That was before expenses. ?Tonight we have $441.50 before expenses ($309 after the paypal cut and the samples to the sales people). ?So we are ahead of last year and that’s good right? ?Please tell me it’s good because if I sit still for a minute I start to panic again.

Funny thing is that people are buying caramels like crazy. ?I’ve sold very few truffles. ?I admit, I eat more of the caramels, but the truffles are the fun part of all of this. ?So buy my truffles m’kay. ?You know you want to.


*Read more Dr. Seuss

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  1. Lee says: Reply

    It’s good, it’s all good…

  2. Don’t worry…it’s all good. There are people (not like me…never! ;)) who wait until midnight of the day before sales are over to order. I guess procrastination is the name of the game, sometimes. People who have tried my samples have LOVED them!!

  3. tacomachickadee says: Reply

    All good … I have a big order coming.

  4. you can count on me 🙂 to help that first number!

  5. lauri says: Reply

    It will all be ok

  6. Tricia says: Reply

    I tried the sea salt carmels last night. (I had potential customers over at my house…) OMG, yum! I’m ordering a bunch of those.

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