Week 3

It will be 3 weeks since surgery this Wednesday. I’m starting my third week home and first week on my own. Derek took time off of work while I was in the hospital and then has worked from home the past two weeks. Last week Oleg didn’t have school on account of mid-Winter break and today he went back (thank the Lord). Derek and I also felt that it was ok for me to be on my own now.

I’m barely taking any over the counter pain medicine anymore. I do about once or twice a day depending on how I feel. I still have the nerve/skin pain, but other than that I’m fine. Walking long distances isn’t the easiest, but I can do quite a bit while sitting. Since that is the case I took a little stool out into the garden and did some weeding yesterday. I had to have help since I can fill a weed bucket, but can’t lift it to dump it into the yard waste bin. I worked for about 2 hours yesterday and then was finished for the rest of the day.

I know I’ve been told over and over to rest and take it easy. My question is when is my “rest time” over? I’m not in a ton of pain. I have a little more energy. I know my lifting limitations (I’ve been very good at that). I can’t sit on this couch forever. Things need to be done. I would love to have a little more help in the garden, but other than the forced labor from my husband and child people are not typically willing to pull weeds.

In other news, the doctor hasn’t officially cleared me to drive a car, but last time I had surgery he said as soon as I’m off pain killers I could drive. I’ve been off of those for almost 2 weeks so theoretically I could drive. Derek has given me a set number of places I can go. I can go to the produce store close to our house, the grocery, my store and the mall, but only if I have a buddy. That doesn’t give me too many options.

Needless to say I’m oh so very bored.

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