Vlog Bitch and Moan

So it isn’t so much of a bitch and moan as it is a casual observation about how I’m getting old.? And now you know what it sounds like in my head when I write a post.

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  1. And there was no forewarning that this post was about hair! Ha.

    Very funny, and very (most likely) true theory about the Babushka machine. You really don’t see much inbetween over there, do you?

  2. Heather says: Reply

    Where on earth did this come from? I would demand a re-color!!! Hang in there BFF, the week will get better I promise! love you

  3. Tricia says: Reply

    I was thinking … “Wow, Elle’s hair – cut and color – looks really good!”

    The orange really isn’t coming through on the vlog. Maybe I need to see you in fluorescent lighting.

  4. I see no orange … you need better icam? Yeah … a reason to get a new computer! 😉

  5. mom says: Reply

    Gawd… and you wanted O to call me Babushka! Agh…
    Your hair color looks pretty. I see no orange!

  6. Lauri says: Reply

    Ha.. so true about those Russian Gals… there are some stunning and scary women over there

    Ok.. Now I am afraid.. my stylist wants me to play with red….


    I think your hair looks great.. not a hint of orange via the puter screen

  7. kim says: Reply

    I simply love your vlogs. Keep em coming

  8. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I have a “funny” story about how someone once turned my hair bright red when I only asked for highlights, but I’ll spare you. I actually came over to “steal” your bulletin board because it was on my home laptop.

    I like the cut – it’s very hip/chic.

  9. Lee says: Reply

    I was thinking while I was watching how cute you looked! Again, I could see no orange.
    Love ya,

  10. Rhonda says: Reply

    Lol. “Dear God, My hair was ORANGE”

    Personally, I love orange hair. Maybe that’s because there was a kid in high school that called me “orangehead”. One can only hope he works at QuikTrip now.

    Anyways, your hair really does look great. Love the cut, love the color. And loved the vlog.

  11. Heidi says: Reply

    “So I said Thank you.” Crack me up!
    I’ve been to Russia 7 times, YOU’RE RIGHT!
    And your beautiful. I saw no orange. Give us another Vlog and hold an orange next to your hair so we can see the difference! lol!

  12. Holy shit look at that hair…can’t BELIEVE you went orange. Jeez, girl…(or something like that)

  13. Red and blonde seem like they should “go together” but every time I have had “red” highlights it is orange streaks. Good luck with the fade, how about some purple shampoo?

  14. Sandy says: Reply

    If it’s any consolation, my hair colorist turned my hair ORANGE about 2 days before we took our trip to Hawaii last Easter. Argh! It never recovered… I spent six months trying to get back to my basic brown to only have a nice blond streak across the top of my head while the rest of my hair had a greenish ashen tint to it. I’m sure I fit right in with all the Stavrpol do’s. Thankfully, I was introduced to a new colorist and this weekend he SAVED me! I now have warm (not ORANGE) brown hair again.

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