Tying up loose ends

Thank you for all of your congrats and encouraging words about todays conference.? I was a little shocked that they asked me.? Really.? In my own community I’m a relatively unknown blogger.? There was a lady at the conference that is a member of my church and she had no clue I wrote a blog.

The conference went really well.? I didn’t sound too much like an ass.? I did babble as I’m apt to do when I’m nervous, but people came up to me afterwards and said I did a great job.? The three of us in the panel were approached by a woman from the local paper and we were greatly flattered by it.

My only complaint was internet.? The campus is wireless, but only for students and faculty.? That sucked because I had planned on live blogging the event.? Oh well.? I did take notes though.

Better yet, I spent a day out of the house sans child.? Of course I worried about him all day (sorry mom).? I spent part of the time text messaging the trusty husband expressing my concerns.? I don’t know why I was worried.? My mom was with him.? The boy that is.? I think it was because my mom is notorious for getting lost in a circle and she had to pick him up from school and safely transport him back to our house.? Good news is the child is currently on my lap playing with a binder clip saying “I need this and I need that.”? Ahh… life back to normal.

I had a fabulous lunch with Tacoma Mama, Beast Mom, Beast Mom’s own trusty husband, Tacoma Chickadee and a lady named Charlotte.? We dined at the always awesome Over the Moon Cafe and I sipped on a glass of wine!? In the middle of the afternoon!? Then I had dessert.? And I might have a coffee on the way to the trusty in-laws house.? Just because I can.? My ass can’t, but the rest of me can.

So to tie up one last loose end… Chocolates.? Let’s discuss chocolate shall we?

Tomorrow is your last day to order Sweet Hope truffles and caramels.? I’m too lazy to link so click on that giant bee over there <————– .? I may close the ordering early because I have grand plans to spend the day with the boy and I don’t want to have to deal with my computer.? So if you still plan on ordering do so earlier than later.

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  1. Love your blog! 🙂

    How can I make a donation? Chocolates sound good to my tummy but not to my “problem areas.” 😉

  2. DebiP says: Reply

    glad it went well today glad that you got wine…in the middle of the day…and glad that I ordered my chocolate already!!

  3. Maggie says: Reply

    I’m glad it went well!

  4. Super nice to meet you today – lunch was great – that food was delicious. I agree w/ your thoughts on the conference – I thought it went well too.


  5. Mom says: Reply

    You could have picked up a phone and called…ya know! Alleviating needless worrying…But nooooooo…. We did just fine and I believe my getting lost in a circles is a rather endearing quality. Don’t you?

  6. Elle,


    I appreciated getting to meet some very important people.

    I’ll be blogging on it in the next few days myself.

    Good job!


  7. ensie says: Reply

    Very nice to meet you today! Great job on the panel. Hope to see you around Tacoma!

  8. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    I knew you would do well. Wish that I could have been there. Congrats by the way for surpassing your goal to raise $1200.00. That is great. Am looking forward to getting our chocolates and caramels. Hugs to you all, Aunt Jan

  9. That is terrific! What a fun opportunity, and I’m glad it went well.

  10. Jenny says: Reply

    Please o please take my order, even though I’m the queen of last minute shopping because the thought of parting with a precious penny makes my hands sweat. But I’m loads of fun to shop with if the goal is to spend your money! I love when other people shop! They always have so much more confidence about outrageous shoe prices and such.

  11. Glad I checked in, I had forgotten to place my Sweet Hope! I had to check with teh husband about ording just one more box of chocolates 🙂
    I hope the final total is more than you ever expected!

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