Turning our attention elsewhere

Now that the election is over we can turn our attention to other important issues.? In our house that would be National Adoption Awareness Month.

Now some of you may feel punked by this monicre.? Yes, National Adoption Awareness Month is primarily to raise awareness for the adoption of children and youth from the foster care system.? That’s was the original intent.? It started as Adoption Week in 1976 by Mike Dukakis and grew to a presidential proclimation by Gerald Ford.? In 1990 it was expanded to a whole month.

In 1976 international adoption was not as prominent as it is today, and frankly, I believe the emphasis should be expanded to include all types of adoption.? The fact that it is nationally recognized as only for adoption from foster care won’t stop me from bringing attention to this important subject.? Hey, maybe with this new president we can make a few changes.? He’s open to change from what I hear…

Per usual, I’ve gone purple for National Adoption Awareness Month.? I did this last year and so many of my readers did too.? This year I’m not changing all of the sidebar stuff, but am giving away a button.? So on the sidebar to the right you will see the button for NAAM 2008.? Borrow the code.? Show the button with pride.? I had fun making it.? I also encourage you to go purple for adoption.? Spread the word that it isn’t just about domestic adoption or adoption from foster care.? Adoption is adoption no matter where your child comes from.

In addition to going purple we will begin selling Sweet Hope candies on Monday the 10th.? If you haven’t done so already please vote for your favorite flavors.? Proceeds will go to benefit special needs and older orphans in Khabarovsk, Russia.? I will also be giving away 30% of my sales from my Etsy shop to Sweet Hope.? Think about giving handmade gifts this year for Christmas.

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  1. I’m so pleased with the presidential results!! So was Todd Palin – did you see his poorly concealed happiness?

    I am, however, disappointed with Arkansas’s Initiative 1; I think it’s more important that kids be adopted into a loving family situation, regardless of the gender of the adoptive parents. It doesn’t matter if you have two dads or two moms, as long as you have a loving family! Fortunately not all precinct’s have reported yet, and I’m hopeful that people will put the kids in need of homes first. This struck me as odd timing for Arkansas because it’s National Adoption Awareness Month. And I won’t even get started on the gay marriage ban… let’s all get along, people! It’s time to treat each other with courtesy and equality! Ok, I’ll step off the soap box now.

  2. mom says: Reply

    Bush… Git Out!

  3. Lauri says: Reply

    yeah Obama

  4. Patti says: Reply

    Thanks for the ‘National Adoption Awareness Month’ button. I borrowed the code and also posted about it on my blog. Actually, I linked to your blog since I was pretty much writing the same things when I happened upon your post this morning. Thanks again!

  5. Liv says: Reply

    Phew. I went Purple. How do make a new design every month?! I would go insane!! And love the button. You inspire me.

  6. Lena says: Reply

    Added the button. Not turning the blog purple this year, too much troubles with that last year.

    Miss you!

  7. I am so excited for your chocolates again. SO GOOD

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