To the lady who shares too much

Dear woman at Target who felt you needed to divulge your entire life story;

Just because I acknowledge you in the store does not mean that you are my new best friend. Yes your comment under your breath about wether or not your grandaughters knew what a cheap t-shirt was did constitute as funny. However, this is the point in which our relationship should have ended. Please don?t tell me that you hate children. I don?t care. Please don?t try to rectify your slip up when you noticed my child by telling me I should parent him with a heavy hand. You don?t know me. To which I reply, “he really is a good boy.” Furthermore, I don?t need to know that you inherited your grandaughters 12 years ago when their mother could not longer care for them. I also don?t need to know that the reason your daughter couldn?t take care of them is because she was literally beat senseless by her husband and now has mental issues. I think your daughter would be mortified to know that you go around telling complete strangers in the cleaning products aisle that she isn?t all there upstairs. Of course not as mortified as your grandaughter would be to know that you tell the same stranger that she has an estrogen imbalance and is on hormones for it. Please lady, I understand your need for adult conversation. I am the parent to a toddler. I know need for adult conversation more than most, but really… let?s discuss the weather or the price of dusting spray. Otherwise leave me alone and let me buy my toilet bowl cleaner in peace.

Thank you,

The very uncomfortable young woman trying to slowly move away so you will. just. stop. talking.


In other Target related news: I find it quite a store designer?s cruel joke. Have you ever notice that the feminine hygine products and condoms are on the same aisle in most stores? Just think about this. For the most part women are totally comfortable strolling down the maxi pad aisle. But in any given day, how many men do you see there? None. In fact I have seen men accidentally turn onto this aisle and quickly turn around once they notice their mistake. However, to put condoms on this aisle is just comical. Force them! Make them face the fact that many of us turn into raging loons once a month. And here is why! Look at all of these products we have to choose from. You just thought it was the hormones.

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