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I am ready to get this chocolate factory on the road. ?I am still floating from last year’s high and figure that with all of this energy I can put it into making Sweet Hope bigger and better than before.

If you didn’t?know we’ve created a Facebook page for Sweet Hope. ?Become a fan if you haven’t already. ?You can also volunteer to be a chocolate “sales person“. ?Email me for more information or to volunteer.

I got to thinking about the timing for a few things. ?Currently I have the flavor suggestion week scheduled for October 28th. ?I realized there was going to be a problem with that. ?Often times people suggest flavors that I’ve never made before. ?It takes me a little time and research to figure out if I can actually make a flavor or not. ?If I have everyone suggest flavors that only gives me 3 days to figure out if I can make them or not. ?That isn’t enough time. ?Therefore I’m moving the primary up to TODAY.

Here’s how this works. ? Leave a comment to cast a ballot for a flavor you would like to see as a Sweet Hope Truffle.? Unlike normal elections you will have the opportunity to vote more than once.? Leave a separate comment for each flavor and you may vote for a flavor that another person has proposed.? The top 8 flavors will make it into the final ballot and from there the top 6 will be made*.

As a recap here is the list of flavors we’ve done in the past:

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Candy Cane (we always do Candy Cane so don’t vote for that one)
Grand Marnier
White Russian (these involved white chocolate and I will not do them again)
Irish Cream
Pumpkin Spice
Pomegranate-White Tea

Happy voting!

Also, please note that we automatically do Candy Cane and one plain chocolate variety. ?It will either be Milk or Dark Chocolate. ?We will do a separate poll in November to determine milk or dark.


*Although this may appear to be a democratic process please keep in mind that I will have to make the truffles and therefore will actually become a dictatorship if any chocolate involving meat or meat-like produce is proclaimed a winner.? You can try, but don?t think for a moment that I would willingly touch raw bacon.

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  1. dark chocolate, irish cream, chili

  2. Nathe says:


    (yes, it is good. yes, I have to try).

  3. Raspberry was my absolute favorite the year I got an assorted box. I think mocha and pistachio sound divine too.

  4. Lauren says:

    How about coconut?

  5. Elle says:

    vote #1 from the home team:


  6. Elle says:

    Vote #2 from the home team:

    Margarita (lime and tequila)

  7. Elle says:

    Vote #3 from the home team:


  8. What about key lime? It’s my favorite at Godiva.

  9. Elle says:

    I would do them differently that you guys did them last year. I didn’t care for those. And I would have charge more to pay for my therapy bills for having to touch bacon.

  10. Nathe says:


  11. Kim says:


    curry with mint!

  12. Kevin M says:

    I would love to see a mint julep flavored one.

  13. Tricia says:

    Chili – loved them last year.

    How about cherry vanilla?

  14. Margaret says:

    I had a caramel and sea salt truffle once that was absolute heaven.

  15. kristin says:

    I love lemon! But to tell you the truth I love the caramels you make the most!!! Good luck!

  16. DebiP says:

    would love a cherry…whole or flavored

  17. Oh – someone mentioned coconut – I second that! Yum!

    And someone else said caramel and sea salt – another second there!

  18. Or even just sea salt…my new favorite chocolate bar from world market is dark chocolate with sea salt in it – it is divine!

  19. What about Chai?

  20. Kathou says:

    I vote for:
    Pomegranate-White Tea

    How about Amaretto?

  21. We loved the pumpkin spice last year. White Russian with milk or dark chocolate sounds good. Irish creme also sounds wonderful.

  22. Whitney says:

    Sea Salt



    (And as a side note: I volunteer to help make them again)

  23. I am all about the caramels. And I would pay DOUBLE for a sea-salt version of those caramels. I am totally serious.

  24. Lena says:

    Milk chocolate with dark chocolate center

  25. Lauri says:

    coconut does sound good

  26. Voting again…lol…dark chocolate! But I think cherry sounds DELISH, and sea salt sounds awesome, too.

  27. JessicaMcG says:

    Dark Chocolate

  28. JessicaMcG says:


  29. JessicaMcG says:

    Pumpkin spice

  30. JessicaMcG says:

    A black tea — maybe Earl Grey?

  31. JessicaMcG says:

    orange dark chocolate

  32. Joel413 says:

    Are cherry cordials too difficult to make? If so, I would be game for cherry flavored. I’m also on board for Chai and a repeat of pumpkin spice.

    Also on board to help if needed.

  33. Elle says:

    Joel, they may be easier than I originally thought. I’ll add them to the list. However, they may be cost prohibitive.

  34. Lena says:

    Ooh, I like the suggestion for a black tea one, sounds yummy!

  35. Liv says:

    Key Lime

  36. Liv says:


  37. Liv says:


  38. Liv says:

    And, I did like the chili…I ddn’t think that I would.

  39. Jody Tice says:

    Coconut sounds good I think chocolate with peanut butter would be awesome and raspberry doesn’t sound bad either.

  40. Liv says:


  41. Liv says:

    How about fig?

  42. Liv says:


  43. Liv says:


  44. Liv says:


  45. Liv says:


  46. Liv says:


  47. Liv says:


  48. Jenni says:

    Irish Cream, Pumpkin Spice and a chocolate/peanut butter. I am also intrigues by the Chai and Earl Grey suggestions.

  49. Kami says:

    Peanut Butter!!!

  50. Kami says:

    Sea Salt sounds awesome too!!!

  51. Lena says:

    mint julep sounds fun too

    And I would like to help too, just don’t know how much I can with three ankle-biters

  52. Jenny M says:

    Grand Marnier
    Pumpkin Spice

  53. tacomachickadee says:

    What if I cook the bacon for you?

  54. tacomachickadee says:

    And re: bacon truffles I wasn’t a big fan of the ones we made either … too much peanut butter … or perhaps it’s because I use Adams and not sugary peanut butter. I’d love to see what you came up with …

    And again: I’d cook the bacon …

  55. tacomachickadee says:

    I also vote for lavendar vanilla.

  56. tacomachickadee says:

    Mmmm … sea salt caramels .. dipped in chocolate …

  57. […] by thanking everyone who agreed to be my taste testers. ?I had a hard time narrowing down the list of 36 to just 9. ?Just so you don’t think this is a total dictatorship I’ll let you know how […]

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