Time for Sweet Hope

Yes, my dear readers… it’s Sweet Hope time again.? If you recall I mentioned this when I held our first Sweet Hope primary last month.? I spent an afternoon pouring over the comments and made a very “scientific” list of the answers.? Some of you are very creative.? I was impressed.? There were 21 different varieties suggested (22 if you count bacon).? We tallied the votes for each flavor and there was a 4 way tie for 6th place.? After a very long instant messenger conversation with the trusty husband we decided on 8 varieties for the final poll and 4 would be made.? I originally told you that you could vote on all 6 of the final flavors, but well… we lied.

Here was our dilemma.? Peppermint was #1 in the primary.? Fresh mint was #3.? Dark Chocolate didn’t make it into the finals.? We reviewed our past sales and it seems that there are some customers who like a plain truffle.? I don’t blame them.? Since it is the holiday season we automatically do Peppermint.? It has kind of become our signature flavor.? So Peppermint and Dark Chocolate are going to be two gimmes.? That leaves 4 spots open.

Lemon-Vanilla, Raspberry and Lemon-Raspberry were all in the group tied for 6th.? We decided on going with Lemon-Vanilla and Raspberry.? Sorry to those who voted for Lemon-Raspberry.

So the final breakdown of the flavors is as follows:
Dark Chocolate/Cherry
Pumpkin Spice
Pomegranate/White Tea

The Pomegranate/White Tea was my pick and well… it’s my activity so I get to chose one.

Voting opened at 4:00 a.m. Pacific Time Monday and will go through Friday the 7th, 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time.? You can vote as many times as you like.? There may or may not be an electoral college application applied.

I have not figured out how to make all of these flavors yet so I can’t give you full descriptions of them.? I know I can do it though.? As an added note: all truffles will have Dark Chocolate coatings on them.? After making truffles for 4 years I have found one particular chocolate that melts the best and works best for coating.? I just so happens to be dark chocolate.

Truffles and caramels will be on sale from Monday, the 10th of November through the 28th of November.? We are not raising our prices.

1 Dozen mixed truffles are $15.00 (+ shipping)

1/2 Dozen single variety truffles are $8.50 (+ shipping)

2 Dozen caramels are $12.00 (+ shipping)

We also have a new website so make sure to check that out.? We are changing one thing this year.? In years past the money has gone to adopting families.? We were happy to assist families with the cost of their adoptions, but after much consideration we are changing that.? This year the proceeds will go to help children with special needs and older children in the orphanages in Khabarovsk.? This was an idea that Rhonda came up with months ago and it stuck in my head.? We have the support of the Slavyanka Women’s Society in Khabarovsk and hope they are able to assist us with distributing the money where it is needed.

Derek and I hope to make this a record breaking year for sales.? Take time to vote and when it comes time to order tell your family and friends.

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  1. kim says: Reply


    will you please tell me about the carmels? My family is absolutly hooked on carmels and I want to order some of yours, but I have to be honest, I know nothing of your carmels, only your truffles.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Is there a poll or do I just vote in the comments?

  3. Another vote in support of caramels – not that you need it.
    But also wondering if you would consider making salt caramels? They are all the rage, and I think they would be good sellers… and I luuuuuurve them.

    see: http://www.thenibble.com/reviews/main/candy/old/the-best-salt-caramels.asp

  4. Oops – just realized that the link I posted shows only salt caramels covered in chocolate. I was hoping for plain old caramel + salt, skip the chocolate. 🙂

  5. NEAL says: Reply

    I admit, bacon is not a flavor.
    It’s a way of life.

    And I have a ‘friend’ that is awesome for said bacon truffles.

  6. NEAL says: Reply

    Oh, and the caramels… they’re awesome. We fight over them in our house … kids, adults, random strangers that hear we have ’em.

    So order 50 percent more than you think you’d enjoy.

    That is all.

  7. Oh goodie…there is the poll!

  8. Lavender isn’t a flavor – it is a color and a scent. Ok, enough commentary from me today.

  9. mom says: Reply

    What happened to the hot ones? Those were awesome!

  10. Lavender is a FABULOUS flavor.

    Have you tried the lavender-flavored DRY soda? http://www.drysoda.com/cocktail-recipes-lavender.php

    Fab! Oh, so scrumptious.

    I won’t say that DRY soda influenced any of my flavor recommendations or anything … no, not at all … hadn’t been drinking a lavender soda and munching on lavender chocolate at the very moment that post was made. or stocking the lavender tea at home. Mmmm … lavender. It’s what’s for dinner, errr … dessert!

  11. Tricia says: Reply

    I have voted four times already and have plans to sit up all night (tomorrow, election night) and continue to vote so I get my fave Sweet Hope chocolates.

    I was surprised how good the chili truffles were last year.

  12. Elle says: Reply

    Mom, the hot ones are the chili ones.

  13. Andrea says: Reply

    Mmm, raspberry. My whole mouth just filled with saliva.

  14. Rhonda says: Reply

    Ah, Sweet Hope time again. I can’t wait to try the pomegranate. In Khabarovsk, there is a restaurant that served the most wonderful pomegranate juice. I can’t remember the name, but Brian and I ordered several glasses. So, its a nice reminder. I love the idea of sending the money to older kids in need. And the kids with special needs…can you imagine Bonnie’s future with her eyes there, and no healthcare? I always think of those left behind.

  15. The pomegranate/white tea IS quite intriguing … way to trump from left field, Elle! (How’s that for mixed metaphors …)

  16. This Pomegranate and White Tea thing has me intrigued! Had never heard of it before. But look! http://www.smilechocolatiers.com/chocolate-bars/very-dark-chocolate-pomegranate-white-tea.php

    And while I know bacon truffles aren’t happening, it does exist! http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/product/bacon_exotic_candy_bar/exotic_candy_bars

    Of course, so does mushroom chocolate … and I’m not going there …

  17. And I can’t believe the only word I seem to be able to use in reference to the new flavor is: intrigued. *headsmack*

  18. Lena says: Reply

    This is my election of this year, so I’m voting lots and often.

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