This week’s look

I thought the last blog template looked really nifty, but since I finished Rhonda’s I thought mine could use a little sprucing up. So here you go! Bright Bold and if I must say BEAUTIFUL.

Things are going to get even better once I get cooking on the whole photoshop thing. Of course by that time my trial of PS CS will run out and I will be relegated back to my Elements version. Damn Adobe for making things so darn expensive.

As far as a weather report goes, I was mistaken yesterday. It wasn’t 17 straight days of rain is was 18! So far today is just light grey with a chance of showers. Man I need some sun big time.

As far as the church ladies go I was blessed with some white cake confection this morning. I tell you that working here will certainly cure that weight loss from stress thing! Cake, cookies, donuts, you name it.

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  1. Margaret says: Reply

    Swish = fashionable, posh.

    Definitely a compliment!

  2. Elle says: Reply

    I saw the “very swish” mark. My vocabulary being as futile as it is I also take that as a compliment.
    Heck! I even got a request from another PAP about a design for her! Man, I might just give Zoot a run for her money (or lack there-of). Of course no one can rival the great Miss Zoot.

  3. Rhonda says: Reply

    Just visited Lauri’s site and love her new look. Also, got a comment from Drew (from the UK) on my blog and he said my new site was “very swish”. Not sure what that means, but in the UK, I bet its a compliment!! Keep up the awesome work.

  4. Rhonda says: Reply

    Oh I LOVE it! Nice. Too funny about the church ladies. At least they won’t let you get too thin from the adoption stress.

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