This photo sums up my weekend


please not the various and assorted computer parts still loitering on my desk.

Removed from my computer: 1-Firewire card, 1-floppy drive, 1 floppy drive cable, 1 motherboard, 1 AMD Althlon processor chip +corresponding heat sink

Installed into my computer: 1 new AMD Athlon processor chip +corresponding heatsink, 1 new motherboard

I have 1 USB port or cable that isn’t working, but other than that things seem to be pretty normal (except that time, this morning, when I went to my computer and both screens were black and nothing was happening).? Hey, at least they weren’t blue.? Blue is really bad.

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  1. Agh!

  2. Big box of Kleenex for drying angry tears?

  3. Liv says: Reply

    I get the same level aggravation when E tries to do things around the house. Like, say, hang a picture.

  4. Jenni says: Reply


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