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Mrs. Broccoli Guy awarded me a thinking blogger award. Sure, there have been a few posts here and there that make the average reader go hmmm, but all in all I do a lot of bitching, trying to impose my love of hockey on my readers and talking about mucus and mucus related accessories. My sinus infected brain has no concept that it actually thinks at this very moment.

The idea here is to select 5 blogs that you read that make you think. I am sad to say that the majority of what I read is fluff. I read nearly 50 blogs everyday and only every so often I find a post that really makes me use my piddly 10%. This isn’t to say that I don’t find most of you entertaining or informative. To me “thinking” is something that challenges my current belief system. If I have to expend brain energy on what you’ve written, and that doesn’t mean translating bad grammar, you are doing your job. If you ask me most blogs are fluff. My blog is fluff. I never set out to change the world. I started out to tell our family where our adoption was going without having to send out massive emails. Of course then I met Rhonda and well… it all snowballed from there. See, I’m rambling… fluff.

From that list of 50 blogs I am supposed to pick 5 that make me think. I am also suppose to link the creation of this particular meme. Then those that I tag are supposed to pick 5 that make them think. I am taking this literally. In other words I am taking this rather serious. So those that really make me think are:

1. The Open Window – by Margaret. Margaret was one of the first blog designs I ever did. She contacted me, I read her stuff, I did a design and she became one of the group. She has become a good friend and changed my view of single parenthood.

2. Leggy’s Blog – by Leggy P. Leggy’s blog is actually password protected, but you can access the public one here. Leggy’s been on the long road of infertility, but is currently PG with twins! She never fails to make me ponder life and everything in between.

3. Tickle me, Tacoma – by TacomaChickadee. Chickadee is a good in-real-life friend of mine. She writes about our fair city and what we can to to better this once crap-whole of a town.

4. CHEW – by Jen. This link was just sent to me over the weekend. (thanks chick 😉 So much shit is written about Russian adoption gone wrong. Posts about how adopted Russian children have so many attachment issues, health issues, and what not, abound. This aura of bad karma surrounds the Russian adoption world, while the aura of golden covers China adoption. Long wait blah blah… Bad stuff happens in China too.

5. Uterine Wars – by Soper. Soper introduced me to the world of infertility blogging. It made me see how many women are out there that struggle with infertility. It was also my first glimpse of an actual Easter European adoption that doesn’t go along as easy as pie.

I don’t expect all of these wonderful ladies to participate in this particular meme. They are busy. But I want them all to know how much I appreciate their honesty and the thought provoking material they write about on a regular basis.

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  1. Mrs. Broccoli guy was certainly right about your thought provoking snot post. Pineapple and I are both sick with it right now as well- so it is quite timely. Thanks for the info. For the most part I feel too brain dead to write anything thought provoking. I don’t know how you do it!

  2. Jenny says: Reply

    yes, that blog is amazing isn’t it. I knew you would really appreciate and take it to heart. It has consumed me this weekend and I just have soo many emotions.

    I guess I need to write really about my vietnam adoption experience. the ins and outs since there aren’t that many true stories, good or bad out there.

    Take care chicky….love ya—J

  3. Hey, thanks. I think I fall pretty heavily into the fluff category, though. I can totally see why Mrs. B.G. nominated you. You’re a thinker!

  4. Flattered. And you’re definitely in my must-read list, too, buddy. He he — as I told hubby, you’re kicking my butt into gear into getting back to regular posting. it’s been a crazy couple weeks. But baby girl is now officially 2 — and thanks for joining us for the “grand finale” … 😉 … So perhaps I should start pontificating once again. I look forward to your future rants, rambles … and chocolates.

  5. Rhonda says: Reply

    Those are all great blogs and well-deserving of the award!

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