Things I have to do this weekend that require lots of my participation

I long for the quiet days of September.? Those days where I can say, hey, let’s go work in the yard.? Every weekend in October has been filled with one thing or another.? Birthday parties, hockey, fundraiser dinners, you name it.

This weekend is no exception.? The following are things I have to do this weekend that require my participation.? They are actually fun things, but my brain is so taxed with things like breathing it makes it difficult to get excited.

This morning I get to figure out how to extract my child from a school field trip to the pumpkin patch without screaming about it or kicking me.? I was unsuccessful last year.

This evening I am helping to host a bridal shower for a co-worker.? I agreed to take photos of the guests and assemble a scrapbook of the event.? This will require a great deal of Photoshop skillz since I suck at people pictures.

Tomorrow is Hockey, but while the boys are having fun with that I will be at the Herban Cafe hanging my last minute piece for an art show that night.

That evening I will be going to said art show.? Someone will be my date.? I don’t know who yet.

Sunday… more hockey.

I’m tired already.

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  1. Joel413 says: Reply

    Hey, Maybe we can go as a chalking couple? Oh, wait… we’re going to visit the Sis-in-Law. Dangit!

  2. mom says: Reply

    Art show? I know nothing of this. Share Elle, share! For heavens sake, don’t keep me in the dark so much! I love knowing what you’re up too!

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