The website that will surely kill me

I have a strict don’t talk about work policy.? This goes for any work that someone else pays me for.? It could be as small as a header for a blogger or as big as what I do for the church.? Not that what I do for the church is all that big.? But I am going to go out on a limb and talk about work.? Mainly to procrastinate what I should really be doing, but a little as a stress reliever.? Because oh my hell it is slowly killing me.

Last month we got a virus in our church web site.? Because I’m not a true coder I didn’t catch it until after the major damage was done.? Sadly, everything was lost.? Luckily I was preparing to change the site and saved most of the content.? Now my task is to rebuild what was once a functioning website into something that is now a spectacular functioning website.? (please insert jazz hands and sparkle right….here)

Problem is… I’m not a coder.? I’m a graphics person.? See this website.? I did that.? Ok, I did the graphics.? Some dude elsewhere did the coding.? See.? I’m a shiny graphics person.

With the church I am the do it all person.? I don’t have the time (and don’t get paid enough) to bust out 100% original code so I’m using bits and pieces I have laying about.? Because doesn’t everyone have spare code on their computers.? Problem is, bits and pieces don’t work together and then I go and screw something up and have to start all over.? It is really chapping my ass.? I have redone this site 14 times and eff it up every time.? Worse yet, I gave myself a deadline of August 1 to have it finished.? Where will I be August 1?? Out of the state.? Cause I’m smart like that.

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    can you email me so i can ask you about how much you would charge to help me with a website?

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