The truth in working

Thank you for all of your comments about not getting the job.? I appreciate them.? I apologize for that post being so short.? We were about ready to walk out the door.? I had stalked my email and the phone for days waiting for the yes or no.

To be truly honest, I had used the entire week to prepare myself for not getting the job.? I had a 1 in 8 shot.? I didn’t think that I would get it.? The interview was scheduled to last 45 minutes.? We were finished in 30.? They stuck to their pre-written list of questions and evidently I didn’t spark conversation enough for them to ask additional ones.? I did have a good grasp of the vendors and potential customers, but not enough to put me over the edge.

So why did I apply for this particular job?? The subject matter.? In the past 5 years since I’ve had a “real” job I haven’t found anything that I was truly passionate about.? Nothing that was within my training and ability level.? I’ve worked in retail nurseries.? I’ve worked in wholesale nurseries.? I’ve been a landscape designer.? This was something new.? When I started out in the horticulture field I never imagined it could include farmer’s markets or the like.? It didn’t even don on me that a farmer’s market would have such a thing as a manager.? Naive me probably just guessed a bunch of farmers just started congregating in one space on a certain day and BAM, a farmer’s market was born.? But in the past few years of being more involved in my community and the farming and food industry I have seen the light.? There is a whole underground network of people making these types of things happen.? And it is cool.? I want to be a part of it.

This job was me waving my little flag saying, “hey!? I’m a horticulturalist!? Take notice and let me help out.? I’m really good at this kind of stuff.”? But sadly, they didn’t see me.

Am I dissapointed?? Yes.? Am I surprised?? No.? This is the way it goes with me.? I often get overlooked for the really awesome jobs and instead get stuck with the crazy boss who hates women and hires meth head truck drivers.? Just my luck of the draw.

So now I will spend my summer with the boy.? I will have the time needed to dedicate to Grow Local.? I will further the advancement of Free Range Media and continue working for our church.? And I will participate in a weekly chalk drawing contest in a vain attempt to further my graphic arts career in an unconventional fashion.? And I’m ok with that.

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  1. Enjoy the summer, then you can start looking in the fall if you’re still wanting to do something.

    I’m still hoping that we’ll come down for a visit this summer, although the house buying prospect is beginning to get hot and heavy – I’m meeting with the realtor next Tuesday to find out what our house is worth and to see if she thinks we can get it on the market by early to mid June. Yikes! No, we’re not moving down, but getting a larger house. We’ve decided to postpone moving to WA by several years, and will reassess the situation before Gretchen goes into kindergarten.

  2. You go girl! Enjoy it. I’m kind of aching to get back to freelancing someday …

  3. Ah, sorry about the job..but you do get to spend quality time with the boy which is rather nice. It will give you something to blog about and keep us all entertained. I wish I had a job I was passionate about…maybe one day.

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