The truth about kids and dogs

Busy is and will be a blessing to our family. ?In time she will teach the child about patience and problem solving skills. ?She is very active and needs to be walked every day so she’ll be a great source of exercise for both me and the trusty husband. ?However, she came at a horrible time. ?We are trying to ignore that part and look at the good stuff, but this morning I locked myself in my bedroom to cry for a little while.

On the annoying scale the child has far surpassed the dog. ?Because of his sensory issues (mainly the smelling thing) he almost always refuses to touch the dog. ?He absolutely refuses to touch her when any food is involved. ?She wants to smell what he is eating too and tries to get up on the chair or couch when he’s eating. ?He refuses to push her away which results in the most annoying sound in the world, my child yelling over and over and over and over again, “BUSY NOOOO.” ?He repeats every command we give her. ?Busy out, Busy leave it, Busy no, Busy off. ?When we tell him to stop his response is, “weeeell, I’m the one in charge of the dog.” ?Fine child, if you are in charge of the dog you can go into the yard and clean up the poop that you keep walking in and then tracking into the house. ?I swear there is stealth poop out there.

The good news is the dog is about 97% potty trained. ?We still have to get up in the wee hours of the morning to let her out and then she thinks that it’s time to play. ?We have not gotten her kennel trained yet (at all). ?She still harasses the cats. ?The cats fall just below the child on the annoying scale. ?The old stupid one growls at the dog if she comes within 10 feet of her. ?The only person not annoying in the house is the trusty husband. ?Although he’s been studying for a test so he hasn’t had time to be annoying.

To top all of this off I’m quite sick. ?As in my sinuses are filled with nasty green stuff, I occasionally hack up a lung and I feel like I’m going to throw up all of the time. ?I really just want to lay on the couch and sleep, but I have to get up every 2 seconds to spray a cat, dog or child with the spray bottle. ?I need a super soaker that reaches further so I don’t have to get up.

This all may sound like one big giant bitch and moan, but I want to assure everyone (read: my MIL who bought me the dog) that it is mostly about me being sick. ?I do really well with the juvenile factor of my house when I’m feeling good. ?This is the second time this month that I’ve been sick and it is totally because of stress and lack of sleep. ?The smart thing to do would be to lay around for a while and rest. ?4 days before Christmas yeah, wight. ?I have 2 projects to finish and a little bit of Christmas shopping to do, not to mention 4 gifts to make. ?Merry effing Christmas.

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  1. Wendy says: Reply

    I’m so sorry you are sick and overwhelmed. That sucks! I wanted to let you know that our package arrived today and the kids are now fighting over who gets the caramels. I swear they are like crack around here. I may have to lock them in the safe!!!

    We need to talk about 4 year old annoying behaviors. We could swap stories and maybe get a laugh or two (or cry a tear or two) This is Sooooo Hard!

  2. So sorry you are feeling sick. When I am sick I get sick of everything. Hope you are feeling better.

    I agree with Wendy, those caramels are like crack around here too. I am wishing I would have ordered about 100 of them. I’ll know next year. The truffles are amazing too. I had some sent to my mom and she said they are by far THE BEST she’s ever had. Kudos to you!

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