The sun will come out tomorrow

In Elle’s little world the sun would shine all the time if it weren’t for that dark gray cloud hanging around all the time. The sunshine around this place comes in the form of a little 2 1/2′ tall entertainment unit. I could be in a big funk and walk out of my office to find my child once again in his diaper. Or hear the clomp clomp of his new rubber boots on the hardwoods while he begs for me to put his garden gloves on. Yes, my child is walking around in his PJ’s, rubber boots and garden gloves. And I have yet to take a photo. Hold on, lemme go do that real quick.

Wanna see?

So the day turned out to be not so bad yesterday. The sun actually came out and the boy and I headed outside. I got a start on putting in my vegetable garden. And the best part! I found free compost!!! And it’s even in my own yard. Dane the dumbass previous homeowner had fashioned some kind of “compost bin” on the side of our house. It was mostly a wire cage that he dumped grass clippings into. When we moved in it was about 4′ tall. It has shrunk to around 3ish feet tall, but mostly covered in Sweet Potato Vine. Foul stuff, but a great nitrogen fixer. Anyway… I cut the wire off and pulled out the vine and underneath it all was nice compost. Not really black good stuff, but good enough for government work. I can mix that with the gigantic mound of dirt on the other side of the house and have decent garden soil for nothing!!! I will know only have to buy soil for the second raised bed. Woo Hoo!!! I also raided my potting shed and found that I had more vegetable seeds than originally anticipated. So I will only have to buy a few. That is of course if they will actually germinate and such.

I have to say there is something so satisfying about growing your own vegetables. I may grow more zucchini than our family could possibly eat, but just seeing it grow brings a smile to my face. My tune may change latter in the summer as I start to battle insects and diseases. I made the pledge to switch my garden (whole yard) to 100% organic when the boy came home. Chemicals and kids scare me. This means the Mirac!e Gr0w, and W33d B G0ne is just that… gone. I have successfully managed my roses chemical free for 3 years now, but our source of fertilizer (the fish tank) is gone. So we’ll see how this goes.

The sun is shining once again today! So I am off to play in the dirt.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the picture!

    My bro-in-law had the best, balance compost pile that we could all raid from, but then his neighbors complained. (Can’t say I blame them.) But I miss it — it was awesome for my garden.

    I’d love to go completely organic too, but haven’t managed it yet. Benomyl is my Bee Balm’s best friend. Though, I had a rabbit problem in my garden last year and found the best organic solution. Brush my cat and bring the hair out to the garden — it’s a surefire rabbit repellent!

  2. Right on for growing phallic veggies!

  3. Rhonda says: Reply

    I need gardening lessons from you.

  4. i am so with you on this — love to grow them veggies. but i swear to god i always end up with too many damn zucchini… but it’s so great to dig in the dirt.
    And having an organic garden is great. just don’t go too nuts and go biodynamic, because you need about 30 acres and a whole lot of hocus-pocus to do that shit. Plain old organic is good enough for me. 🙂

  5. Kelly says: Reply

    peering out from the darkness of lurkdom to exclaim: “growing a garden? I wish! We had over 18 inches of snow fall here recently!”

  6. Jessica says: Reply

    Well, Kelly, it must be a northern thing, as we have a snow advisory right now – not what I wanted to wake up to!

    I also have garden envy of Elle; I don’t think I have a green anything on my body! I’ve even managed to kill aloe plants, although my current one has managed to hang on for almost 6 years now! We do have more sunshine up here, Elle, are you sure you don’t want to move up and join us…? Think of the LONG veggie growing season in the winter!

    I read a cool gardening tip for kids this winter: make a garden with their initials (or just the first one for toddlers!), and let them help plant, water, etc it for the summer! Of course, this would require some sort of gardening ability, but I’m thinking of trying it with Quin if he’s interested in gardening. Hmmm… maybe not this year… we have a lot on our plate this summer!

    The picture of Oleg is great! He’s obviously ready to go dig in the yard and compost pile! 🙂

  7. Signe says: Reply

    I love your blog(s). I’m afraid I’ve been a lurker up until this point. I am in the beginning of a Russian adoption and I am a hockey freak so really love your site. Your child is gorgeous! I am so inspired. I don’t really understand all of the problems you were having with your previous blog page but I’m sorry for your problems. I was so afraid I was going to be “cutoff” from your wit because I couldn’t figure out how to send you an email. It seems I can still access you. Yea! Thank you. Anyway, I think you’re great- you make me laugh out loud! Blessings to you and your beautiful little family!

  8. Ani says: Reply

    He’s so cute! Love the gloves and boots.

  9. DebiP says: Reply

    El..he is beautiful…what an angel…nice ‘talking’ to you last night
    at Russian chat!!

  10. Jenni says: Reply

    Excellent that you were able to get in some garden therapy! Especially since retail therapy is not a big option right now (we’re in the same boat, and it’s KILLING me!).

    Nice that you are passing the gardening hobby on to Oleg too. I keep trying to get my kids out there to help pull weeds, but they never seem to believe me when I tell them it’s fun. Apparently, digging holes in the mud is a much more appealing task.

    Wishing you more sunny days ahead!

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