The stuff people come up with

Time for another round of Google hits.? That’s were I list out some of the odd ball stuff people actually type into Google and find my site.? I used to keep a runing list of some of the really strange stuff, but I kept losing the piece of paper.? So now I just do this when there are a bunch all in the same day.? These are the best searches from the last 24 hours.

Books for Frustrated Mothers

One day I’m going to actually sit down and write this book.? As a blog I don’t make that much money, but as an actual published author on this subject I’m sure Oprah would be knocking on my door for a guest appearance.? Or at the very least I’d have money to pay the gas bill.? Yes, I’m a frustrated mother and no I have yet to find a really good book on this particular subject.? In the mean time I write this here blog so other frustrated mothers can wallow in what we call toddlerhood with me.

Old highschool sweethearts having sex at class reunions

umm… that would not be me.? This particular searcher found my weird family contest post with that one.? I hope you got some entertainment out of that one.? As far as me having sex with a highschool sweetheart at a class reunion, yeah, that would be my husband and not as risque as one might think.? Sorry to disappoint you.

2 year old molars

This is my single biggest Google hit ever.? I get at least one new reader everyday who finds my site this way.? I am the #3 hit on Google for this one.? I’ve had people find my site, email me and become regular readers. The good news is that the post I wrote about 2 year molars is still one of the funnier ones I’ve written over the years.? My advice to surviving this horrible stage in the aforementioned toddlerhood… booze, booze and more booze.? Chocolates are a good addition.? And whatever you do, if you buy the Orajel gel stuff, don’t think to yourself that more is better.? That’s just a bad idea all around.

planning a church bazaar

if you are just searching for this now it is just too late.? Stop trying, go down to your local Catholic church and check out theirs then try again next year.

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  1. Maggie says: Reply

    The phrase that brings people to my site most often is “trimming arborvitae.” They must be sorely disappointed to find out my post that mentions that is really about adoption.

    (When I called my mother (who is in a state of denial about all things adoption and would prefer to think Slugger has no history before me) to let her know I was matched with Slugger she said “Oh. Are you going to trim the arborvitae?” No segue or anything. Just a blunt change of subject. Thanks, mom.)

  2. I can’t put in print what some people google to wind up with my website …

  3. Dorae says: Reply

    PLEASE write a book. Have you read anything by Jen Lancaster? Yep, started out as a blog!

    P.S.- I have been reading your blogs off and on since beginning our adoption journey. After many bumps, twists and turns, we adopted the child that was meant to be in our family in January 2008. I just received the notice for the 1 year ppr and I cannot believe it!

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