The story behind some of my categories

I get comments on occasion on why my categories are named the way they are.? Most recently inquiring minds wanted to know about “Patty Bugent.”? Here is some inside information on why things are the way they are.

Patty Bugent – There is actually a story behind this one.? The trusty husband, one of his best friends and his sister were golfing one afternoon.? Derek has a rule that he won’t start in the rain, but if he’s paid the money to golf he’s damn well finishing the game.? This particular day it started to rain somewhere around the 5th green.? Shocking for Washington huh?? Anyway, his sister started to complain that her hair was going flat as no self respecting Washingtonian would carry an umbrella.? Derek looked at his sister and said, “This ain’t no Patty Bugent.”? (Beauty Pageant… get it?)? Just another literary foible my husband has made.

Beating Imelda – This is any post related to shoes.? I have a saying that she who dies with the most shoes wins and it’s a race between me and Imelda (Marcos).

Bitch & Moan – This seems to be everyone’s favorite category.? Need a good laugh, go read this one.? This is where I get all worked up over stupid shit and then complain about it to all of the internets.? Haven’t had one of those in a while.? However, there is a bit of a story behind this one (although it is not my personal first hand experience).? When my other trusty SIL was in high school she was on Dance Team.? At the end of the year they gave out awards for those on the team.? One of the awards was supposed to be “Miss Sparkle & Shine.”? I don’t know if SIL was actually awarded this or not, but a comment was made that it should have been “Miss Bitch & Moan.”? That fits me to a T.

Deep Thoughts – The crows are calling my name thought Caw.

Depression – If I have to explain this one you best be going back to reading “Go Dog Go.”

Fat & Dumb – Although I feel as if this is me on most days it is not.? It refers to my cats.? Their actual names are Julius and Isis.? One is really fat (Isis) and the other is really dumb (Julius).? Everyone has taking to calling them Fat & Dumb (or fat kitty and dumb dumb cat).

I say it then you do it – Go here and push a bunch of buttons (soooo not G rated).? Then you will know what life sounds like when the trusty husband and my fellow non-biological family member get together.? And I’m not talking about my son.? Although “I say it then you do it” isn’t on there.

isn’t elle bright? – huh?

Luther Land – I work for a Lutheran Church, the husband works for a Lutheran Company, the boy attends a Lutheran Preschool and we attend a Lutheran Church.? (3 of those are 1 Lutheran Church)? There’s bound to be a story or two.

Snack-a-teria – Before we left Kansas to move back to Washington we went out to Manhattan (KS) to visit Derek’s grandmother to say goodbye.? We told her where we would be stopping on our 4 day odssey from hell.? We informed her that we would stop at the Mitchell Corn Palace, the Badlands, World’s biggest frying pan, Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, do a national lampoon’s moment in the vicinity of Devil’s Tower and if we were lucky that Battlefield in Wyoming that is famous but the name escapes me (all while driving a Penske moving truck, towing our car [fully loaded with stuff] and 2 cats (see above) in the cab of the truck).? Now most people would inform us we were out of our ever loving gourd.? Not Derek’s grandma.? She liked to look on the bright side of life.? She told us that we absolutely positively had to make time to have lunch at the “Snack-a-teria” at Mt. Rushmore.? And she actually called it the Snack-a-teria.? And yes, they did have pretty darn good food.

Tastes like Qi – Qi is pronounced Chee.? This is anything pertaining to Traditional Chinese Medicine.? When I started with the acupuncturist my Qi was all out of whack and she gave me that nasty ass tea.? The trusty husband started saying “mmmm, tastes like Qi,” every time I gagged in the sink.

So there you have it

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  1. Well, huh. Good to know. Cause I always wondered about Patty Bugent. (Really)

  2. Tricia says: Reply

    Everytime I look at your sidebar these days I start drooling when I see buttermilk fried chicken. Have a good recipe for that one?

  3. Thanks!! Now I get it!! 🙂

  4. mom says: Reply


  5. Ah. I was also curious about Patty Bugent.

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