The start of the portfolio

I just finished a template for a “customer“. Actually she isn’t really a customer since I don’t get paid. She is one of my blog buddies. I just emailed her the code and she is probably at work and won’t get it until later tonight. That’s ok. It will be a nice surprise once she gets home.

I had a good time with this one. I found the graphic on and immediately thought of Rhonda. Well worth the credits for that one!

Hopefully tomorrow I can add another to my portfolio. I have one more done, but I need the official stamp of approval from D. That one will be really cool since all the graphics are mine!!! My photos even.

This programming thing isn’t that hard. Anyone else game? I am starting with the adoption blogs, since those are my faithful readers. Let me know. I work for cheap. Free even.

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  1. Jason and Melissa Woods says: Reply

    I want one! I want one! You really shouldn’t work for free, though. Cheap is good.

    Thanks to Lauri, I found your BEAUTIFUL blog. You are right. Bold and RED! I love Rhonda’s and Lauri’s blogs. They are really cool.

    Melissa W.

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