The science of chocolate

I should be in my kitchen finishing up the last 3 batches of truffles, but I need a mental break at the moment.? I am behind.? Sitting here doesn’t help me catch up at all.? At the start of last week I was all too excited that I had a bit of a jump on the process.? I thought I’d be done in record time.? However, circumstances beyond my control have prevented me from sticking to my carefully planned schedule.? If you don’t believe I had a schedule ask anyone who has been to my house in the last week and they will confirm.? I had the whole thing written out on my refrigerator white board.? But, we had to hunt a tree.? Then we had to go to hand bell rehearsal Saturday morning.? Then the child showed up in our room at 3:30 Sunday morning robbing me of 2 precious hours of sleep.? Then the child wouldn’t leave church yesterday morning so we stayed to watch the children’s Christmas program.? Then I forgot to add in that I had a second batch of Candy Cane Truffles to make.? Then the FedEx ground truck won’t be delivering the Roseberry bars until sometime today.? My mom has to go to the doctor today so can’t come to help.? Neal’s little boy got sick today so he can’t come to help.? (totally ok with that)

To top off all of that I’m in the middle of sending out a proposal for some graphic design work and Word screwed with my document when I saved it and now it is unreadable.? Now I have to retype the whole thing.? And I can’t for the life of me remember what was on it.? I just remember the final number.? Helluva how do you do.

The good news is that I’ve finally found the “quick way” to finish up all of these chocolates.? 45 minutes for about 80 is much better than the previous 60 minutes.? Now if that FedEx guy would ever show up I’d be in business.

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  1. Good luck with the last batches! I’d be happy to help you with the document if you’d like someone to prof it for you. Just send it to me in Word (when you get it working), and I’ll turn on track changes. Best of luck getting it all done!

  2. DebiP says: Reply

    I feel bad for you, you have so many darn computer glitches happen to you…You must have your delivery from Fed Ex by now…and are well on your way to chocolate finishing

  3. NEAL says: Reply

    Thank you for understanding, your project as been in my thoughts and prayers all day today!

    J’s K probably got ahold of you to help, and I hope that worked out!

    Boy as been sleeping most of the morning, ‘lil one decided that 4:30 is a good time to wake up today, so she’s down, too.

  4. Don’t keep the pregnant lady waiting for her chocolate…it could get ugly. And I don’t know how long I’ll have the pregnancy excuse to eat a whole bunch of them. Hehe.

  5. Lena says: Reply

    You and me and our frantic projects. At least your’s is tasty, I just get to pack stuff into suitcases.

  6. That is the story of my life too. Even as I speak circumstances beyond my control (such as reading this blog) are preventing me from completing my homework for the week. No really, there are always things that come up to destroy our perfect laid plans. Good thing you are quick to adapt to the circumstances. I am sure your chocolates will be great.

  7. Jenny2 says: Reply

    1,081 blocks of acrylic… I really understand crushing deadlines and everything that gets in the way.

    Hang in there – people will understand if your lead-time slips. You’re crafting fabulous chocolates, not making widgets.. it’s not easy.

  8. Wendy says: Reply

    You can always send mine later. Any time I get truffles in the mail is a good time! (And you just gotta love this season. It’s pure insanity!!!!!)

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