The return of Kid Whiny Pants

Kid Whiny Pants (Captain Smartypants? trusty sidekick) made a “jubilant” return this morning. Oh joy. After the lack of nap yesterday and waking up… oh… every hour last night odds were our boy would be tired. We were right on the money. He whined at everything from trying to wear my shoes to having to wait for CS to use the washroom before they could shower this morning. And he (the boy) didn?t really need a shower. It was just something to placate him. We are supposed to have dinner with Kathou, Paypay and Chickadee tonight, but at this rate I am afraid to subject my child onto another living being. Although I think getting out of our house would be good at this point. Yesterday?s outing consisted of a trip to Starbucks and Hallmark. Woo Hoo aren?t we exciting? Lucky for us he is napping peacefully at the moment and has been doing so for over an hour. Why can?t he do this on a weekday?

My wonderful and gracious husband gave me a bit of a respite and let me go to the grocery and craft store by myself this afternoon. And can you believe it? I walked out of a craft store without buying anything! What the hell is wrong with me. I was even given permission to buy something.

I also want to thank you all for your help with the meat thing. When we first got home I used the mashed potato trick and mixed stuff into that. He would eat anything mixed in mashed potatoes. Then he wised up. That kid is crafty I tell you. He would suck the potatoes off the chicken or other meat and spit it out. I do want to say that vegetables are not normally our problem. He just really doesn?t like green beans. Corn, carrots, peas, zucchini and a few others are fine. Just no green beans. Dr. Rockin did say that if I got at least one meal with meat in him that would be fine. I might have to try the PB&J trick though. He likes peanut butter and jelly and bread, but doesn?t like to touch the peanut butter. He say?s it?s hot. Whatever. So maybe if he didn?t have to touch it… you guys may be on to something.

And to answer Tracy?s question, sometimes he will smile at my dismay, but only rarely. He has, however, learned that if he throws a toy, book, crayon, or whatever he will lose it. So today he brought crayons into the kitchen while I was doing dishes at them and threw them at me. Then said, “bye-bye.” Before I did anything. He is also rebelling against CS today. He won?t look at him, he defies him and is generally a poop around him. I am chalking that one up to today?s phase. Normally CS is his best friend.

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