The results are in!

Thanks for all of your votes. I love it. We ended up with 107 votes and it broke down like this:

    Dark Chocolate – 20
    White Russian – 17
    Mocha – 12
    Irish Cream – 11
    Orange Ginger – 10
    Grand Marnier – 10
    Chocolate – 9
    Almond – 9
    White Chocolate – 7
    Hazelnut – 2

So our flavors will be Dk. Chocolate, White Russian, Mocha, Irish Cream, Orange-Ginger, and Grand Marnier. I will have the descriptions and the shopping cart up later this afternoon. If your flavor didn’t make the top 6 I do apologize. We’ll use the democratic process again next time.

I will say that I barely padded votes. I just did my duty and voted. Granted I voted more than once, but hey it worked for Kennedy!

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  1. Gaye says: Reply

    Gosh, I go out of town for a few days and I miss so much…potty-training and chocolate voting!!

  2. NEAL says: Reply

    Whooo hoo! I’m glad my votes represent 10 percent of the top vote!

    Chicago style,

  3. hopingforgirl says: Reply

    oh darn it, if i would have just voted for almond instead of dark chocolate, b/c dark chocolate was already gonna be a winner! but my votes were dark chocolate, orange ginger & almond… hey 2/3 ain’t bad 😛

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