The reality of it all

On the finishing end of adoption the reality is that you do in fact become a mom. Your whole world gets turned upside down. Where there was once just the two of you doing whatever you want; there is now a third person that requires constant attention. You are bound to a strict schedule. Throw in the fact that your newest addition is 2 years old and doesn?t speak your language and you don?t speak theirs and you are in for one big adventure.

So the long and short of it.

You will get frustrated. Your child won?t sleep. He fights you at every meal. He throws tantrums when you tell him no. You have to hide his shoes or else he thinks he is going outside when it is really inside time. You cry yourself to sleep because you think you can?t do this. You think you aren?t doing a good enough job. Sure you will do things wrong. It is only natural. No one is the perfect parent. You will be tired. You will seek joy in putting your child to bed so you can spend at least an hour of quiet solitude before he wakes up.

But then there are the moments that whip you back and remind you of why you went through all of that pain, struggle and waiting. When your child lifts up his head in the morning and looks at you and smiles. When he grabs your face and pulls it to his for kisses over and over and over. When he comes running to you full of laughter and smiles. The moment when he crawls up into your lap and cuddles. There are the moments when you know you are the only person that can comfort this one little life.

That is motherhood. The most gratifying job you will ever have.

Here I am. Welcome. My name is Elle. I became a mom 3 weeks ago. My son is 23 months old and from Russia. He is the delight of my life. His laugh, his smile and his big bright eyes will melt your heart.

This is my journey of parenthood.

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