The Rainbow Connection

My son had his first round of shots since being home yesterday. Yeah, that was fun. No one wants to see some person jabbing sharp objects into their child?s legs. Ouch.

After lunch my boy took his usual nap, but when he woke up he was not quite himself. Lethargic and had a fever. This is typical behavior of children who have just had shots. Or so the book tells me. Anyway, I decided to let him watch a movie on the couch. This is not something I usually do. He watches 20 minutes in the morning after breakfast and 20 minutes after lunch before naptime. That is it. Mostly because he has not interest in TV. You could let him watch BBC World and he would be perfectly fine with it.

Well the movie I let him watch was the Muppet Movie. One of my all time favorites as a child. I say Kudos to you Jim Henson for creating movies for children of all genders. It is much easier to find a sing along movie for girls than it is for boys. Princess movies abound, but does Bob the Builder sing? Not really.

I looked out the kitchen door and watched my son. He sat in the big red chair just fascinated by the movie. Kermit the Frog singing The Rainbow Connection. My son. Listening to one of my favorite childhood songs. My son enthralled in something that I loved as a child. My son. It was just a touching sight to behold.

I?m thinking this mommy thing is turning out to be a good thing.

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