The perfect diaper bag

I got thinking about some of the comments in this post. Mainly the ones about the diaper bag. Then I had an email conversation with Chou Chou about the same subject. The final verdict is that I will give it my best shot to design a diaper bag. The problem is that I don’t really carry a diaper bag. Ok, I do, but I carry it less and less. Mine is one my MIL bought at Target. It is cute. Grey wool outside and hot pink on the inside. It’s an Amy Coe. I really like it, but there are some flaws like the handles are made out of cheap vinyl and they are starting to crack. It also isn’t quite big enough for when we go to the grandparents. Gotta pack extra stuff you know.

So this is where I need the internets help. If you had the perfect diaper bag, what would it include? What kind of strap? How many pockets? Pockets outside or in? Include a matching changing pad or not (mine came with a changing pad that I’m glad I have)? What kind of fabric? Bag style or back pack? You tell me.

I’ll design the bag and make one to see if it is worth reproducing. So give me your input. There might be something in it for you.

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  1. Dede says: Reply

    Ooooh….I love bags! I don’t have a need for a diaper bag just yet (still waiting on accreditations) but I have been thinking about the perfect bag. I have pretty much decided that I will be using my Timbuk2 bag, that is, unless there is a cool Elle bag available by then. 😉

    Here are the things I like about my Timbuk2 bag:
    1. It is a messenger style bag so it hangs naturally (and comfortably) at your side. The strap is easily adjustable. Would make it easy to wear and hold a child.
    2. It is easy to open and has amble storage with a few compartments. Place for your ID, small zipper pocket for money, hook for keys or bus pass.
    3. The inside is made of a waterproof lining.
    4. Accessories cases for mp3 players, cell phones, etc that attach to the strap.

    Things needed that would make it better for use as a diaper bag:
    1. Needs a matching changing pad.
    2. Needs some external pockets for bottles, etc.
    3. Needs some whimsical design for material

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I vote bag style over backpack style. In part because backpacks pretty much have enough pockets to begin with. But mainly because I like it when my “diaper bag” looks like a purse/tote/bag that I just happen to have diapers in, and just happens to hold everything well. I like the matching diaper pad. Room for a very basic first-aid kit. (Or include?)

  3. Jenny says: Reply

    I have a back that I LOVE! I have 2 actually. The Skip Hop messenger style bag. It has tons of pockets alot of which are open for easy access to keys and wallet or binkies. It has alot of zipper compartments but they aren’t inside so you can’t get at them. It has a cell phone pocket, again outside for easy access. A bottle/sippy/water mesh holder.

    My only complaint, it ins’t really big enough. It is a literal tad too small. Well, maybe not for 1 but for 2 yes. And they have a duo but it is way tooo big.

    I also have a petunia pickle bottom back pack and we only used it in Viet Nam or when I take the girls to a long appt. I literally hate the thing. a back pack is not convient for me to get keys and money and girls in and out of car.

    Material, something washable. And something cute. I think that waxy cotton or super thin nylon would work best.

    And the strap, has to be adjustable and be able to fit on a single and double stroller over the handles and have the clips for the bob stroller or bugaboo.
    Good luck!

  4. Jenn says: Reply

    I have found my Kecci Mommy Bag to be my favorite so far through the kids’ early years. I love the messenger style and asian fabric (it is holding up nicely and has resisted the dirty look thus far.) I could do without the backpack option, and have often thought of just cutting those straps off as they take up room in the zipper-back where the changing pad is stored.

    Dream bag must haves:
    1-exterior pocket, preferably two, for bottles/sippys/pacifier/whatever
    2-changing pad, you never know when/where you’ll have to change baby
    3-two “diaper sized” pockets, my bag has this and I love that I fill one side with diapers and the other with the wipes and an extra two diapers…gets a twin mom through an entire day away!
    4-an easily to get to mommy pocket that will hold my keys, wallet, and phone (exterior phone option would be a bonus)
    5-a couple small pockets or pouches inside for little things like rash ointment, eating utensils, nail trimmers, hair bows…you know the necessities!
    6-adjustable strap so a tall and short mom alike can wear the thing comfortably and so it will fit over the handles of a variety of strollers.
    7-it must look good! If I am going to weat spit-up and snot, not have time to do my hair or face (only one ever seems to get done), and have to put away the jewelry and such for fear of a ripped ear-lobe or busted necklace then my bag better look good as it is all I have left!

  5. I have 2 bags that I use and like. One small backpack style that I bought in Guatemala. It has a lot of pockets and enough space for a bottle, a couple of diapers, wipes, gerber puffs, and a small toy or two. I use it for quick trips out of the house. I can wear it as a backpack or sling it over one shoulder. The other bag is a bigger bag for bigger trips. It has 2 outside pockets on the side for bottles and a zipper pocket outside that I can throw my wallet, camera, and cell phone into. The inside is large and allows me to take anything I need. It has one very wide fabric strap. It is long enough that I can sling it across my body. The width of the strap makes it comfortable to wear. I do wish the strap was adjustable because it is too long to comfortable sling over my shoulder (and I am rather tall).

    I don’t want it to look like a diaper bag. I want it to be fun and stylish. I don’t need a lot of bells or whistles…honestly if there are too many compartments, I can’t find what I want when I need it.

    Good luck! The perfect diaper bag is such a personal thing that it is hard to imagine designing one everyone would agree on!

  6. Lauri says: Reply

    I have had such a hard time finding a toddler diaper bag than functions well enough.. the typical infant diaper bag has too many compartments and areas for stuff to get lost… a big old tote bag does not have enough… I am using a Square Disney tote that has a side zippered compartment and hard bottom…. I also have a vera bradley tote I use.

    I want a diaper bag that looks cute & stylish and could double as a nice tote for when we out grow the diaper bag phase. Somedays I throw a pull up, wipes and sippy in my huge summer Dooney

    Good Luck

  7. Lauri says: Reply

    a few more things

    Tote style … cute cotton and washable.. nice trendy fabric… but sturdy…. something with a good bottom… thick & comfy shoulder straps

    at least a few compartments but not to many… a key hook and changing pad would be nice…

    a bottle holder/sippy cup holder would be nice

  8. Rebecca says: Reply

    I can’t express enough how important I find it to not have it too complicated. With my son screaming and a million things to do, I just can’t imagine having to fiddle with complication. Complications to me, mean that it has too many compartments where say ones keys could somehow fall from where you stuck them into the hidden pocket that one never knew existed.
    Also, if it could hook easily to the back of a stroller and most importantly if it could be very easily washable. Simple, brown, red.

  9. NEAL says: Reply

    I’d say backpack. Single shoulder strap. Have a spot for a first aid kit, wipes, balm.

    We used a really simple one for years until the vinyl inside cracked up.

    Oh, it would be nice that it was guy friendly, too. ’cause some of us need to carry them.

    Of course, the best design is the one that the kid carries themselves. (:))

  10. Jessica says: Reply

    A backpack is a necessity with two kids! And it needs two straps; the messenger bag I’m currently using is always falling off one shoulder (it has the capability of being a backpack, but I keep forgetting to switch it over – any chance of doing this? the back pack straps hide in the back).

    A water bottle holder – big enough for a Nalgene and that has material that goes up high – most of them are for little water bottles, and not something that will hold a liter, so they fall out. Constantly. (And if you’re out for half a day, you need the water for yourself and to re-fill little cups.)

    Another perk (from a hand-me-down diaper bag) that I loved was a small packet that holds two diapers and a small bag of wipes. Perfect for shoving in a purse, taking into an airplane bathroom (where you really don’t want the entire bag), or any other quick stop where you don’t want the entire bag but just the necessities. Most diaper bags are great for younger kids, but become too large after the kids are about 12 months old. That’s why I really liked the little packet; it worked out great when Quin was older (before Gretchen arrived), and I just kept a spare set of clothes in the car for clothing emergencies.

    I like pockets and removable pouches; I’ve swiped some water-resistant pouches for holding clothes from my old diaper bag. The water-resistant pouches are nice for obvious reasons, but may be hard to put together.

    A changing pad is nice, but I like the disposable ones better (I know, I know). I’ve seen too many bathrooms where I’ve used paper towels, then the changing pad, before I started carrying the disposable pads. However, if you include one, please make sure it’s easy to wipe down on both sides (instead of just one, like the one’s I’ve seen).

    Good luck! Oh, and I feel for you with D gone – E’s been out diving all weekend, and I would love to have a break from my screaming hell minion and his little sister! I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids, but I love my sanity as well!!

  11. I like changing pad included, and my changing pad is the same color on both sides. I wish it were different so I would know the side my baby’s ass is on one change is not then pressed up against the mall changing table the next session and then back again.

  12. Def separate compartments that are easy to access. Light weight. Pockets for drinks that will not touch the pullups as they freeze the seat of the pullup (the cold feel pullups) into a hard strip. Something with compartments to combine purse too without everything falling to the bottom.


  13. First and foremost I need one that I can open with one hand (because the other is holding down a struggling half naked child – velcro flap maybe? Definitely a changing pad, preferably with a cover or covered in something wipable. Inside should be vinyl or something water resistant. I like two main compartments, one for change of clothes and mommy things, the other for diapers, wipes etc. My bag has little compartments to stick bottles upright in which I like, but maybe a few extra for baby food bottles. I like small pockets on each side (the short sides) to stick in a bottle, or a cell phone.

    The straps should be long enough so the bag hits you around your hip.

  14. DebiP says: Reply

    I just got this new Vera and I love it and it does double duty as a diaper bag though I could have used it full out as a diaper bag when the kids were little…I have it with me daily and it has my things in it and two boys things in it and still room for more…even two diapers and wipes and a change for the little one…

    Elle you are one crafty girl…

  15. jessica stroup says: Reply

    I am a busy mom of a one year old. I’m due with my second child in May of 2010, so I will have my hands full! My perfect diaper bag would have to be a backpack with the inside waterproof. I would love for the straps to lightly padded so that I could move around freely. It would have to be large enough to accomodate the needs of two children and a manual pump. The changing pad would not matter to me. Honestly I think that they just take up precious space. The disposable pads do not take up a lot of room and are really cheap. I also never liked the idea of placing a pad that has been on a community changing table back in the bag with my childs clothes, toys, and snacks. All I really want is something practical, easy to use and made with understanding about how hard it is to juggle one or more children, a diaper bag, and a stroller all at once!

  16. I love bags with a lot of pockets and compartments. Some additional bags that match and could fit inside the diaper bag to help organize would be great. Ive also recently seem one diaper bag than came with a changing station pad that could easily be folded up and easily cleaned.

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