The one where Elle shows her face

well… not quite actually. The whole blue eyeshadow discussion got me thinking about how the 80’s were unbelievably cruel to me. I sat down and looked at all the photos of myself from the 80’s and man was I ever an FLK.

I will fully admit that at some point during the cold war I once sported a mullet. Of course we didn’t call it a mullet back then. It was one of those my cousin is doing it so I should too. If I knew then what I know now about that particular cousin I think I would have picked a better hair style!

Rhonda said she wanted to see a photo of me with leg warmers and a side pony tail. Sorry to disappoint you R, but my hair just isn’t long enough for the side pony. Besides I think that the only place you could get leg warmers would be the Goodwill and that falls into my fear of purchasing second hand items.

But what I can give you is a photo of me in leg warmers from the 80’s!! Please take note of what I am watching on the TV. Yes indeed it is the Muppets. Probably the Muppet Show to be exact. Although it could be the Great Muppet Caper. I love that movie! I still do, in fact… I own it. I might just go put in the DVD player right now.

So here it is for your viewing enjoyment. Elle in legwarmers.

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  1. jeneflower says: Reply

    I shamefully had the big hair and leg warmers, etc. too.

    I loved the muppet show! Our family watched it every time it came on. Recently I rented the compilation of the Best of Muppets. I said it was for my kids, but really I just wanted to see it. The young Luke from Star Wars was on it and I think John Denver.

  2. Rhonda says: Reply

    Ahhh, the 80’s. I can hear Madonna singing “Lucky Star” right now. My photos also include blue eyeshadow with braces on my teeth. Oh yeah. Total babe.

    Love that star sweater too, Elle.

    Thanks for the picture! That was great.

  3. Tricia says: Reply

    jelly bracelets. jelly shoes. pinstripe jeans and nylon purses (with fishnet). i was so jealous of girls who could get that perfect mullet. My hair was always wonky and either too flat or too out there. Probably explains why I turned “punk rock”. Thanks for the flashback!

    This would be a fun blog activity – everyone putting a pic up from the 80s/

  4. Margaret says: Reply

    That’s so great. Leg warmers… how totally tubular!

    The worst trend I can remember is when flourescent colors were in. Three of my friends and I decided to each have a “signature” color. Mine was orange. I spent about 6 months looking like Flashdance gone deer-hunting. And, I had a mullet. A feathered mullet.

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