The New Man in My Life

Guess where I am. Nope, not on vacation. Simply because vacation in my world is defined by a time away where I don’t have to wipe any butts but my own. I am away (as in not sleeping in my own bed) and the child is not here. He would be with his father also not sleeping in his own bed.

I! am in Portland meeting my new nephew for the first time. That’s right internets, the only thing better than screwing with you is pissing off my mom. HA HA mother! I got to meet the baby before you.

Little was induced Sunday (we’ll overlook the fact that she didn’t call me). Unfortunately doctors in Oregon are not as good at math as they should be and didn’t calculate that a 4’11” woman does not have the capacity to deliver a 8 1/2 lb, 21″ long baby the good ol’ fashioned way. So Little ended up having an emergency C-section. Good news… he was born on my birthday. Is that an awesome birthday gift or what?

I (ok, the trusty husband) drove down to Portland. I dropped the trusty husband and the boy at Auntie G’s house and I headed to Little’s. I’ll be spending the weekend here to help out and do a little smooching on my new man.

Isn’t he just the cutest thing evah?

Auntie & Leo

Little & Leo

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  1. So cute! And on your birthday! And wow … 4’11 and a nearly 9-pound baby. YIKES! Good thing she has you for a couple days?

  2. Brother in Law says: Reply

    Yo… Leo be hella big Dude!

  3. Jenni says: Reply

    What a great birthday gift! Have fun getting to know the little man.

  4. He is adorable! Congratulations Little! Give him a smooch from me, Elle!

  5. He’s SO cute. Congratulations!

  6. Jenny says: Reply

    So glad it worked out. Can’t wait to see you this next week-ish? Hang in there, and lots of love.

  7. What a cutie!

  8. mom says: Reply

    I’m not jealous in the least! Actually describing me at this moment in time; The happiest woman in the world. If it weren’t for stinkin Mega I’d be there too, but next week is my time for some smoochin. Once again… YOU surprised me! Taking away some hurt and replacing it with smiles. I love you! Oh… and by the way he is the cutest, only to be matched by my other little man! Kisses to all!!!!!!!
    Proud mom and grandma

  9. Lauri says: Reply

    cutie pie

  10. Heather says: Reply

    yipee!!! I can completely relate! Tell her to get some rest and to sleep when the baby sleeps and yes it is suppose to hurt like hell!

  11. Lena says: Reply

    What a cutie! And what an awesome birthday present.

    I’m glad you are enjoying all the moments with your new man in your life.

    (And yes, Little better be sleeping when Leo is sleeping, I ditto Heather).

  12. Lee says: Reply

    Was her doctor new?!?! Yes, Little is, well, little AND she was over due AND she had Gestational Diabetes! Add them all up and there you go. Who let who go so long, anyway? To borrow a phrase: Gah!
    Glad to see all is well, just the same. Tell her Congratulations!

  13. Beautiful baby!!

    (and love the new blog!)

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