The little stuff

There is all kinds of little stuff about me that never really rate on the meme scales.  It is all an integral part of who I am.  Sure I do some really stupid things on occasion, but who doesn’t?  So I thought I would give you a little insight on what makes me tick.

I hate to wear shoes, but love to buy them.

I get grossed out when I step on stuff.  Like garbage on the sidewalk or cat litter in my bare feet.  ewwwww!!!!!

I love to cook, but hate to cook for myself.  I ate instant mashed potatoes for lunch today and someone is going to have to remind me to eat next week when D goes to Minnesota!

I will not touch raw beef.  Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.  But oddly enough I have tons of photos of a butcher in Russia.

My family may drive me crazy, but I could not live without them.  They have taught me to be honest, punctual, loving, intellegent (but I can’t spell)

I cannot do math in my head.  I don’t even try any more.

I am scared to death of the upcoming 3 months.  I turn 30, celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary and become a mom all in about 3 months.  That is far too many major life moments that should not be so close together.

I have a dream to someday live in a house on some body of water.  Ocean, lake or river.  Doesn’t matter.

There is more, but I am sure I am putting you to sleep.   

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