The kindness of strangers

Last night was a huge step in our little lives. The boy sat quietly and allowed his parents to have a nice meal… in a restaurant!! This is a big deal for us. I mean real restaurant. Sit down with plates and forks and everything. We have eaten in a deli before, but not a restaurant. We don?t really count the Hard Rock in Moscow because… well frankly I?d like to forget the Hard Rock in Moscow.

CS suggested that we call his parents and Aunt to see if they wanted to come up and have dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant. We have both been craving real Indian food since we came home. We agreed that we would feed the boy some food before we left since our attempts to feed him Indian at home have failed miserably. This worked well. He was nicely behaved and I slowly fed him my stash of “cookies” which are actually Breton?s wheat crackers. I ordered him some mango pudding. We thought, hey he loves mangoes why not pudding! The brought out the pudding and he was not too sure about it. Finally I made him stick his finger in it and lick it. BINGO!!! We have success!!!!

We enjoyed our dinner save one goldfish cracker dumping incident. The boy ate a good deal of the pudding, but didn?t finish it. So as we are getting ready to go I tried feeding him the pudding again. Kid ate the whole darn thing! We thought for sure we would have the child with the exploding stomach. Nope. Lucky us.

As we were loading the boy into the car after dinner I noticed a note stuck under the windshield wiper of my car. It read, “Thanks for taking up 2 parking spaces. Very considerate.” Can you believe someone took time out of their lives to actually write that? First of all our fair city does not paint parallel parking marks on the streets. So you have to guess where the spaces are. Second, when we parked there was only 1 space! It was the morons around us that didn?t know how to park. Good lord. Oh the kindness of strangers.

On the way home we hear this chirpy little voice say, “Pee Pee Potty.” A few seconds later, “all done.” CS and I burst into peels of laughter! For we had decided earlier in the evening to once again postpone the potty training. He says pee pee or poo poo, but the second he is put on the potty he doesn?t do anything but want to play. Ahhh! It is aggrivating I tell you.

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