The great Huggies experiment

We invited Matt and Heather up for dinner. Great fun.

After dinner the kids decided they wanted to play in the pool (seen in the background of the photo found here). Of course all parents were too tired to change children into swim suits so we let them in fully clothed. Smart parents would have at least stripped them down.

We told La-La not to get her shorts wet. The boy listened oh so well and dove right in. EEE! was close behind. Both boys are still in diapers…

That whole don’t get wet thing worked out well for us.

An hour in the pool resulted in the maximum capacity a Huggies diaper can hold.

Estimated weight of said Huggies diaper… 5 lbs.

We considered just throwing some bubble bath right into the pool, but though we should present ourselves as more responsible than that. We stripped them down in the back yard and hosed them off.

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  1. Mom says: Reply

    Show us some love and share some pictures!

  2. serena says: Reply

    um, yes and those diapers will only hold so much and then explode. Ya don’t want to go there….

  3. heh heh…

  4. 5 pounds. Good to know.

  5. LOL

    Be glad you did not get to the OVER capacity threshold. At that point, the diaper EXPLODES and the insides start oozing out of the broken containment unit. You would have gotten the thrill of fishing diaper pulp out with the pool net 😀

    Sounds like fun was had by all! Nothing like hosing down your kids–Lids loves it! At least I *think* those are screams of delight.. 😉

  6. DebiP says: Reply

    Ya gotta love a good back yard “shower” that is what we call them…so nice to hear children having fun!!

  7. Too funny.

    My Mom used call it the “fastest bath in the west.” Not sure why – since we lived in the Midwest (Michigan). Funny, she made a game of it, so I wouldn’t realize the actual humiliation of been hosed down in the backyard. 😉

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