The good news and the bad news

A few months ago I contacted my friend Galina in Khabarovsk to ask if she could contact Baby Home #2 and find out if we could send two young ladies to be volunteers for a few weeks. ?One of our recent high school graduates and her friend will be traveling abroad winter term to volunteer in orphanages. ?Kate and I thought it might be possible for them to work in Baby Home #2. ?I wasn’t sure, but I contacted Galina to find out.

In early August I heard from Galina that she had been on holiday and then would be traveling with her Japanese business contingent until September 28th and that Tatiana from the Baby Home would be out until the 1st of October. ?I waited patiently to find out if the girls could go. ?This morning I received my answer.


Unfortunately, there are quarantine measures in place for the orphanage from the H1N1 virus. ?They are allowing very few visitors into the orphanage. ?Tatiana was so grateful for the offer of assistance and I’m sure that if there was no quarantine that she would jump at the chance for the added assistance.

In an odd twist Galina actually sent the text of the email from Tatiana so I could see what she said about the matter. ?Galina, of course, had it translated as Tatiana doesn’t actually speak English.

So that’s the bad news. ?We had hoped to set aside a portion of the Sweet Hope money to send these girls to Russia. ?The good news is that I did inform Galina that we would once again be dedicating the Sweet Hope money to Baby Home #2. ?The words from Galina were, “Tatiana is very glad that help children again will come.”

The Slavyanka Women’s Society will once again oversee the distribution of the funds and we hope to get the money there a little earlier so the children can have a little Christmas celebration.

In other Sweet Hope news, most of the taste testers have submitted their rankings and comments. ?Their final findings will be revealed next week.

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  1. MIL says: Reply

    Know you are disappointed – this was a great idea! However, one consolation is that at least there was a good reason for the “no”!! Maybe next year will be a “go”!! See ya at truffle time! Luv ya! MIL

  2. Kathou says: Reply

    So sorry about the news…. I know it meant alot to you.

  3. I wonder if it would make a difference if the girls had the H1N1 vaccination. It is recommended anyway for children and young adults ages 6mo. – 24 yrs.

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