The computer that keeps on giving

Remember how a while ago I was complianing about how the trusty husband broke my computer and then I strangled him with a ribbon cable*? ?After that he fixed the computer and actually made Windows 7 work. ?Of course that meant that I had to install the new Creative Suite 4, which meant I had to transfer all of my brushes, actions, swatches, presets and everything from the old hard drive to the new hard drive. ?It also meant that I had to transfer other such things as my internet bookmarks, email accounts (all 4 of them), rss feeds, contacts and anything else that made internet living more comfortable. ?He also got all fancy and hooked me up with Safari. ?It looks really cool on the surface, but underneath there is a huge learning curve for this girl who has been hooked on Mozilla for years. ?Safari doesn’t have all of the swanky plugins that Mozilla offers. ?So I had to learn new apps like Tweetdeck. ?Sigh. ?Then I had to set all of my feeds back up. ?I’ve been working on that for close to 2 days now. ?I keep up on upwards of 70+ blogs. ?Design blogs, garden blogs, friends, entertainment crap, you name it. ?I had to manually go to each page and bookmark it again. ?Then I had to visit each one a second time to tell the news reader that I’ve read it. ?Just a big fat pain in the ass.

To make all of this better the trusty husband abandoned me for Minnesota this week. ?He won’t be home until Thursday and there’s no one here to tell me how to find Facebook in this mess of stuff… ok, I did find Facebook and my own blog, but other than that I’m pretty much lost.

Then the background on my screen keeps changing. ?It’s a “cool” feature of Windows 7. ?Pretty pretty pictures that randomly change as you are working. ?It wouldn’t be that bad if I only had 1 monitor, but since I have 2 and frequently only use one every so often I’ll be seeing a fern in my?peripheral?vision and then BLAM! Dahlia. ?Talk about distracting. ?Write code, write code… oh! pretty flower.

To top off this mess of a computer (which I think is the bees knees) the UPS dude shows up today with a box from Antec. ?I didn’t order more computer parts. ?I’m trying to get rid of computer parts. ?The trusty husband sent them the power supply that we think started this whole mess and the motherboard that said power supply fried. ?We wanted our money back and for them to pay for the new motherboard we had to buy. ?What did they do? ?Sent us a replacement powersupply. ?What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

Now if you’ll pardon me, it is sunny outside and I have a date with a playground and a juice box.


*I would link that post, but Safari doesn’t like the WordPress dashboard and won’t open the insert link box and I’m too lazy to manually write the link in

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  1. Wish we could hook up but I don’t get a day off till Friday. Glad it’s you fighting the computer and not me… it’s all so dang frustrating!!!
    Hugs to all 🙂

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