The Christmas Rundown

I would have to say that despite one major incident this would have to be one of the best Christmases on record.? Ok, the over abundance of snow and ice did put a damper on things, but other than that it was all pretty good.? The trusty Father-in-law got the van stuck in the driveway on the way to church Christmas Eve and we had to park a few miles away from my mom’s house and have my step-dad come get us because of the snow.? Oh, and there was the time when we went to put snacks in the oven after the boy went to bed last night only to find out that our oven had crapped out and wouldn’t work anymore thus necessitating a trip all over town the day after Christmas to find a new oven, but hey!? I got a Wii, so that more than makes up for it right?? No?? How about a Wii and a super fancy new espresso machine?? Yeah… I can stay up all night kicking the trusty husband’s ass in cow racing.? Now that’s entertainment.? It almost makes me forget that I just had to shell out $650 that I didn’t have on an oven that I secretly wanted, but didn’t want to pay for.? I could have used that money for things like a Wii Fit and um… car payments.? At least I’m caffinated.

Per usual the child thought Christmas was the shiz-nit.? He scored big time on awesome gifts from everyone.? A new bike from Santa, lots of little gifts from his parents and non-noise making toys from the remainder of the family.? Except that talking broom my mom bought.? I can forgive talking toys that are actually functional and are a service to me.

In our Christmas aftermath we will be shoveling out the miscellaneous crap to make room for the new crap.? We will be swearing to each other that we keep trying to slice bread with the toaster because the knives have been moved and the toaster has taken it’s place.? We are taking a trip to LaConner to visit Sam & Cari and won’t make them visit a farm.

In the tradition of us skipping town we’ll make this an end of the year delurk edition.? My readership has changed drastically over the past 4 years of me blogging and I’d like to get to know you.? So delurk.? And tell me a little about yourself.? Hmm… how about…

What New Year’s resolution would you like to make, but know you will break by January 2nd.? I’ll be back on the 2nd, and let’s see if we can’t do better than 15 comments.

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  1. Carrie says: Reply

    2008 my must just be a bad Christmas for appliances… we spent the afternoon shopping for a new dishwasher after mine kaput right before Christmas dinner cleanup! I’m going to be shelling out $650 that I didn?t have on an dishwasher that I didn’t secretly wanted, and really can’t pay for.

    Resolution? I’m resolved to spend more time developing meaningful relationships with my kiddos and less time forming harmful attachments to my computer(s).

  2. I hate resolutions, really hate them. They make me feel guilty. And then I feel guilty for not making resolutions because obviously I have no ambition if I don’t even want to make any effort at self-improvement?

    Well, I resolve to keep the house in a much tidier and cleaner state than I have been. Probably ain’t gonna happen because I’m sexist and I refuse to clean up after men (not too thrilled with cleaning up after women either). My husband, whom I truly love dearly, grew up with maids and does not notice clutter or dust. And I am not cleaning up after him.

    I’m not doing any dieting resolutions. If the snow ever melts here in T-town, I’ll take my dogs for walks again to get some exercise but no more diets. Heck, I already know that I’m going to order some more caramels. 😛

  3. my dishwasher is still broken. Been broken a year. but since it cost a bloody fortune we just keep replaces the parts that are under warranty.

    What kind of oven did you get?

    New years? I hate resolutions.

  4. Tina says: Reply

    Hi Elle, Been following for alittle over a year. Let’s see a resolution…well I want to lose about 20 lbs so I hope I stick with that one. Other than that I want to yell less at my kids…working on my patience in the New Year. I’m sure I won’t make it through Jan 1st witout breaking that one. haha

  5. Elle says: Reply

    I hate resolutions too. My point was resolutions that you secretly would like to make, but hate them so much or know you will break them. I don’t make resolutions either.

  6. Hi Elle, I’m delurking. It’s Michele from Willow Tree Nursery. I found your blog a few months ago and love it! I’ve taken the past few months off work to make progress on house projects. My resolution is to spend more time on house projects per day than surfing the net.

  7. Maria says: Reply

    Delurking…not sure when I started reading. I”m a crazy workaholic that doesn’t seem to have time to relax. I read blogs at night to relax….so, Resolution to not yell at my girls – 5 & 8 and to read at least 75 books this year – read an article that Bush read some ridiculous number each year while president, figures if he can do it. I can. The books may limit my blog reading but we’ll see.

  8. Ree says: Reply

    I’m not officially delurking as I’m sure that I’ve commented before. 😉

    What resolution will I break in record time? To start running. Hee.

  9. tacomachickadee says: Reply

    The resolution i’d love to keep but will of course break: work out every day.

    The resolution I plan to keep: learn to use my sewing machine.

  10. kim says: Reply

    I plan on making my daughter’s christmas wish come true, she asked Santa if I could quit smoking.

    *sad little embarassed, defeated look*

    I quit last year, after putting on 35 pounds, went right back.

    have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks to determine if I can figure out a way to quit and not balloon….wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.

    Best to you and yours!

  11. Delurking…I’d comment more, but I’m doing good just to read these days (and try to post to my own blog, even). Anyway, I’ve been a reader for close to 3 years now (amazing, isn’t it?)

    I’m not much of a resolution person, but I do think the new year sort of “resets” my view on things – gives me a fresh slate, so to speak. The one resolution that I’d love to make but won’t? To take up running. (yeah, not gonna happen, but how awesome would it be to say that I was a runner?)

  12. Lena says: Reply

    I’m making a resolution I actually can keep.

    I will stop letting the kids eat of plastic plates and bowls, in an effort of limiting those bad plastic toxins from sneaking into their food.

    Alas, we have already purchased some real china for them, at a discount price, so if one plate happens to break I won’t have a heart attack because they broke one of my expensive, carefully transported by me, plates from Sweden.

  13. kate says: Reply

    I’m still here! (And back from the black hole of internetlessdom.)

    I don’t do resolutions.

  14. I have a couple of ongoing resolutions: to lose 4-6 lbs a month until the baby weight is gone (I was 1 lb shy of my original goal for this month, but still managed to lose 4.2 lbs), finish unpacking the house, and to be less critical of myself and others. And the one that will probably be broken: getting back into blogging. I haven’t updated my blog in months, and my parents are really starting to make me feel guilty about it.

  15. Katie says: Reply

    Hi, delurking here. I have three children five and under, 2 from Russia in 03 and 05 and the last from Uzbek in 08. As you can imagine, three kids five and under…. I love to read the blogs that I followed while we were in process. Love the blog!

    New Year resolution… where do I start… read less blogs, lose weight, get healthy, have more patience, stay on a budget. As you can see, I have a lot on my plate for 2009~

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