The call that never came

I had this great plan.? Genius really.? Something simply fantastic to get back at all of you internets for making me want to use phrases like “biggest ass chap since Velcro pubic hair” and influencing me to tell random people I want to make out with them around the corner (which I’ve only done once in the past week… it was totally justified!).? Ok… it was more the trusty husband getting his up and comings for spoiling our travel dates to meet the boy.? Cause I was totally going to tell you all we were in Russia and screw with you.

But alas, my fun has (likely) come to an end.? You see… my little sister (Little) is/was pregnant.? Which would totally be a cool deal except she’s single and the father of the baby doesn’t really want to be with her and is schlepping another chick.? We’ve looked past that for the moment.? Little is/was pregnant and she asked my mom and I to be there when she had the baby.? Um, ok.? I informed my sister that neither my mother nor I had any experience actually being pregnant or giving birth.? But she was unfazed by that and invited us anyway.

Then there was an unfortunate incident between my mother and my sister.? We’ll not go into details her.? It wasn’t pretty.? I thought I cleaned up the mess and we were still invited.? Um, ok.? Still not sure why she wanted the never been pregnant or given birth chicks to be there, but it was the closest I’d come to witnessing a birth so I was game.

She was due the 10th.? Of June.

I texted her Sunday and she said she had a lovely afternoon with her girlfriends.? I reminded her to pleeeeze call when she went into labor.? Seeing as she lives in Portland so I would have to drop of the boy at the trusty in-law’s house, drive out to Toolieville to pick up my mom and drive down to Portland and resist the urge to throw queen freakout out of the car somewhere along Winlock.? Oh and I totally would have slipped her decaf again.

Tuesday, no call.? Wednesday, no call.? I texted her again because I was sooooo bored.? Not text back.? Odd.? She always writes back.? I phoned Thursday.? She didn’t answer and didn’t call back.? I phoned Saturday. Same thing.? I texted today.? No answer.

Now Little is a bit of an anomaly.? She had a rough childhood and has a little bit of attachment issues along with trust and other issues.? So when she drops off the face of the earth it isn’t normally that big of a deal.? Not to sound heartless or anything, but it isn’t.? Except this time she is/was pregnant, single, and has gestational diabetes and lives 2 1/2 hours away from me.

I can only assume that she’s had the baby, didn’t want us there for some reason or another and is doing fine.? At least this is what I want to believe.

The selfish little girl in me is irritated because she took my fun away from the internets.? I was totally going to post a photo of me and my new nephew and say “welcome to the newest member of our family.”? Cause I like to screw with y’all like that.

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  1. So your single sister was/is pregnant by a guy who doesn?t really want to be with her and is “schlepping another chick” and she invited you to her birth and then didn’t call you when it happened (you think) and has seemingly dropped out of existence for a while and your little brother has just been suspended for drugs and was caught by police for underage drinking?

    Are you sure we don’t have the same family- cause it is like deja-vu, except I could tell you even more twisted stories. For the most part I try to stay out of it- which is actually quite easy since I live on the other side of the world. You are nice for lending your support, and being willing to be involved- even when the other party flakes out. You also seem willing to take on your bro. You’re awesome.

  2. I hope for Little’s sake that it all happened so quickly that she didn’t have a chance to call and let you know (hey, it happened with Gretchen). I’m sure she’s fine, and will have a chance to call you when she’s coming up for air. I know our local hospitals have no cell phone zones that are often associated with NICU, and if the mother-baby unit is close to the NICU (which I would assume it is), she may not be able to use her cell. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures!

  3. Lena says: Reply

    Jessica is right, sometimes things happens so quickly that there’s really no time to call anyone … Pink Princess other nickname is “H in a hurry” as a certain little baby girl had no regards to trivial matters as transportation time to hospital or local fire department not being able to read maps at 4 a.m. (For all the freaked out readers of Life of Elle, everything went well thank you very much.)

    But I understand that you are very bummed out about the whole thing as well …

  4. darn her for letting her pregnancy mess with your blogging. So inconsiderate.

  5. She must have had it. Otherwise I’m sure you’d be getting “I’m so miserable” texts. Nobody goes 8 days past their due date without feeling horrible!

  6. Lauri says: Reply

    The nerve… hope she and the baby are doing fine

  7. Neelie says: Reply

    Have you tried calling the hospital where she is supposed to give birth and asking for her room? Maybe you can catch her there and find out what is going on…….

    Hope you get to see the new baby soon!

  8. DebiP says: Reply

    I birthed my niece and it was awesome…I am sorry that you missed this one but maybe there will be another…I am sorry that it is strained and that you can not know the safety of either of them…you can only assume they are A-OK

  9. mom says: Reply

    She’ll be back. Pressures from others for us not to be present most certainly are great. Extending ones heart to those who need us most sometimes ends with rejection. We love her. She knows this. Love and support is a phone call away. All things considered, three women with tough pasts, some of us scarred, moved on to be fairly normal (keep your mouth shut Elle) people. Now, you and I are surrounded by family and friends that love us… we are blessed. Embracing Little with all that we have been given while extending a lighted path to family . She knows we’re here!

  10. mom says: Reply

    Uh… I wasn’t done yet but fat cat Toby’s on my lap and hit submit. Maybe it’s a sign!

  11. Hope all went well but sorry you didn’t get to be there.

  12. Hope she is okay and your nephew comes into the world with few problems, if any.

  13. I hope she is OK – sorry you didn’t get to be there. I hope that it was OK for her to be alone going through all that.

  14. Tricia says: Reply

    Your weird family stories + my weird family stories = 4 bottles of wine next Monday night?


  15. You’re still well within the two-week window if she was due the 10th, especially for a first baby. My fingers are crossed for that. ALL of mine were 10 days late … and my middle bro was nearly a month late. Grrrr. My poor mom.

  16. Clover says: Reply

    Oh geez- I’m sorry you didn’t get to be there. Hope all went well. Let us know what happens.

  17. Jenny2 says: Reply

    It could have be an opportunity to mend some wounds but it sounds like she opted for something else. I’m sorry for everyone; you Mom, you, your Sister and the new baby.

    P.S. that would have been a wicked trick to play on your Blog Friends if you HAD posted a picture. Bad Elle! 🙂

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