The Biden/Palin Vice-Presidential Debate: Live

It’s time!? This is better than hockey day, and that’s saying a lot.? Let’s watch together as Biden smokes Palin in the Vice Presidential Debate.

Please note: times may not be accurate as I am cooking dinner and we are pausing the debate for food related delays.


Ohh! Look!? It’s Joe Biden.? “Can I call you Joe?”

Question #1:? Was the Bailout debate we saw this week the worst or best of Washington?

Neither answered the question directly.? Lots of words around the bailout issue, but no direct answer to the question.

2 minute rebuttal:

Biden now bringing up McCain’s “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” and the back track…

did she just wink at Biden?

Now she’s adding words to the McCain statement.

Question #2:? Who was responsible for subprime lending meltdown?

Palin: the lenders, but now trying to educate the public and not blaming the public.? She’s making the people the victims in this matter.? Just because a bank says you can afford that half mil house doesn’t mean you should actually buy it.

Biden: not actually answering the question and moving the subject to health care.

6:16 Rebuttal Palin:

If she says “darn right” one more time I’m going to start yelling at the TV

Biden: excellent rebuttal on voting record of Obama vs. McCain.

Question #3: Is raising taxes class warfare?

Biden outlines Obama’s tax cut plan and brings up McCain’s tax cuts to large businesses.

Plain rebuts with the $200K+ tax hike will effect small business (not true).? Small business is not taxed at the private citizen rate.? She brings up the “health credit” in McCain’s plan.? You tell me where you can find private insurance for $500 a month.


Biden points out that to pay for that aforementioned credit McCain will tax the hell out of people to pay for that.

Question #3: What promises will your campaign not be able to keep because of bailout.

Biden: Very directly answered the question with SPECIFIC answers as to what they won’t be able to do right away, but what was not negotioable.

Palin: totally off topic lady.? She didn’t answer the question.? There she goes with lots of words that don’t answer the question.? The moderator actually had to reiterate the question.

Question #4:Would you have supported a bill to make it easier to declare bankruptcy?

Palin: (Wall Street has nothing to do with what is happening in the credit markets!)? Goes on about the corruption in wall street and again, doesn’t answer question.

Biden:? outlines Obama’s direct voting record (not direct answer)


Palin: goes back to energy.? what the hell?? The original question was about bankruptcy.? Is she even taking notes?

Question #5:? What is true and false about causes of climate change?

Palin: does round about answer with limited info about it being man made and it being cyclical natural cycles.

Biden:? totally man made.? (I disagree here)

Did she just say nuc-u-lear?

Neither hit to the heart of the matter.? The climate crisis is partially man made, but it is cyclical too.? Our issue is not the need for further research on alternative fuel.? It is the need for updated infrastucture for the alternative energy sources.

Question #6: Do you support granting benefits to same-sex couples?

Biden: a difinitive yes.

Palin: benefits yes, marriage no.

Rebuttal: Do you support gay marriage?

Both answer no.? (I totally and utterly disagree.)

Question #7:? What should the exit strategy be for Iraq?

Palin: lots of words and I was distracted by something shiny.

Biden: in support of withdrawing the toops.

(um hello… lady… the Iraqi government told us to leave and Gen. Petraeus said there is no way to win in Iraq)

Question #8: What’s worse, unstable Pakistan or Nuclear Iran?

Biden: both pretty bad

Palin: also pretty bad, but is it me or is she just butchering names?

(I’m going to admit that foreign policy is not my strong point)

Question #9:? What has Bush administration done right or wrong with Isreal?

Palin: yeah… a few days ago she didn’t know who Hamas was.

Biden: cutting straight to the point with foreign policy in the Mediterannean.

Question #10: Something about nuclear weapons and then I was lost.

***Let’s take a little break here while the go on about foreign policy***

Can I just say I’m happy she’s not wearing a pink suit.? And are you noticing that while they are on this foreign policy part she is relying heavily on notes.? I am just waiting for the moderator to bring up something about Russia.? Oh do it Gwen.. I dare you.

*** Break over***

Question #11: Something about troops in Darfur…

uh sorry… I was busy getting more wine and reading your comments.

Does she even know where Darfur is?? But I bet you she can see it from Alaska… Ok now we are getting to something good.

Question #12: How would a Biden administration be different than a Obama admin?

He’s agreeing with Obama’s policy and vowing to follow through with Obama’s plan.

Same question to Palin.

Yeah… the odds of this happening if McCain is elected is much more than if Obama is elected.? Let’s point out that she has yet to answer the question outside of “bringing downtown Wasilla to Washington.”

** now switching places with the trusty husband **

What does the vice-president do?

Palin: gosh, the idea is to agree with everything the president says

Biden: I would be the point person with congressional bills and give advice to the president.

side note: When John McCain was asked if he would ask Palin for advice on foreign policy, he dodged the question.

Achilles heal as VP candidate:

Palin: I have too many i-dills.? I think she means lack of experience, but I’m not sure.? Good g’d if she says Maverick one more time…

Biden is going for the throat now… the “maverick” doesn’t live up to the legend

How do you change the tone of bipartisanship:

Biden: Don’t question the motive of the person, but question the method

Palin: Darn, we have lots of diversity in family. And now blah, blah, blah decrease taxes, energy independence… etc.

Closing statements:

Palin:? the MSM ambushed me, so I’m glad you didn’t.? Patriotism, fight for freedoms, John McCain is great, blah…

Biden: This is the most election in our generation, fundamental change, John McCain is more of the same, presentation of the Obama platform.? My neighborhood, hard work you can accomplish anything.

Debate over.

Palin nu-cu-lar count = at least 10

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  1. I’m just listening on radio … missing the winking …

  2. re: “darn right”

    darn right.

    I’m with ya.

  3. Carrie says: Reply

    why can’t either one give one straight answer?

  4. “great American” — DRINK!

  5. Did you figure out what the hell they said on gay marriage?

  6. Jenni says: Reply

    I liked the way she blew kisses at the audience as she took the stage. It reminded me of the SNL skit where they said she gets “even more adorable when backed into a corner.”

  7. Carrie says: Reply

    No gay marriage… boooooo!!!

  8. hee hee — the moderator said “trigger”

  9. OK, Palin. The Holocaust was not in Israel. Get your facts straight. I’m very glad you learned how to pronounce “Ahmadinejad.” Now let’s work on “nuclear.”

  10. on gay marriage — did you notice they both said no, but then there was the bit at the end about yet supporting rights for committed gay or straight couples … that’s where I was like, but you just said no? and, what? I’m going to have to watch that over.

  11. weren’t they separating themselves from reagan earlier? now it’s “like reagan” all over the place with those two …

  12. ok … i was juggling hot cheese … did she just say that our kids will growing up hearing about a time when men and women were free? what? I’m guessing I MUST have misheard this …

  13. npr counted — at least 3 reagan language flash-backs

  14. I *really* liked the end where she said she liked having the oppurtunity to answer these tough questions – when she didn’t answer the tough questions!! Oh, and she talked tolerance, but she never answered if she’d extend equal rights to gay couples. Um, doesn’t tolerance extend to everyone?

    She never did answer the question about “nuc-u-lear” attacks, and I’d like to know her answer, especially since her church in Wasilla is one of the types that encourages it’s members to do what they can to start the apocalypse. Will she hit that little red button or not?

    I also missed the first part of the statement about how our kids will grow up hearing about a time when men and women were free, and was also confused – could someone fill in why we aren’t going to be free anymore? Thanks!

  15. Carrie says: Reply

    We’re not going to be free if we vote for Obama and stop bullying the rest of the world. Leaving Iraq = losing our freedom apparently.

  16. Jessica/Jake: so I wasn’t the only one who heard this snippet — and missed the question (dealing with hot cheese — not a Palin joke). But I was standing here going … wha!?!?!? freedom is about to be a memory? WTF?!?!? What the HELL did I miss!!!

  17. Karen says: Reply

    I’ve been lurking forever. Your and Farkle’s blogs are my favorite relaxation. I’m with you on Palin. I can’t imagine another four years of ‘nu-cu-lar’ But I’m also extremely sad that niether candidate was willing to be fair about gay marriage.

  18. Carrie says: Reply

    Palin: “I’ve been there. I know what the hurts are. I know what the challenges are. And, thank God, I know what the joys are, too, of living in America. We are so blessed. And I’ve always been proud to be an American. And so has John McCain.

    We have to fight for our freedoms, also, economic and our national security freedoms.

    It was Ronald Reagan who said that freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. We don’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream; we have to fight for it and protect it, and then hand it to them so that they shall do the same, or we’re going to find ourselves spending our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children about a time in America, back in the day, when men and women were free.

    We will fight for it, and there is only one man in this race who has really ever fought for you, and that’s Senator John McCain.”

  19. That’s what I get for battling hot cheese …

  20. Angela says: Reply

    I love your blog and agree with you on your distaste for Gov. Palin. Thanks for putting it all out there. I liked how she said she has only been at this for 5 weeks, um ya and that’s why you don’t have the experience to go to Washington! Did she really even answer a question besides what was printed out on her notes?
    Boo to Mavericks!

  21. mom says: Reply

    Talking to Americans in crisis with “Gosh darn it’s!” and winks… didn’t make points with me. Still don’t like her, while the haunting thought of her EVER running our country scares the hell out of me! Ugh…

  22. I’m starting to regret listening to the debates on NPR. I missed the winks!

  23. jen says: Reply

    I feel that the issue of gay marriage/rights should be the LAST of our concerns right now!! There are too many other, paramount issues going on right now, such as terrorism & the economy, to get all upset about gay rights or lack thereof.

  24. Don’t banish me, but I’m sorry…. I really like Palin. Not saying I want her to be President, but I like her overall. Then again, I’m a (gasp!) Republican most of the time (read: can’t stand Bush.)

    I luv ya and this blog tho. And although I disagree with a lot of your comments/views, this was a freaking hilarious post.

    When Palin was referring to the Holocaust with Israel, she was comparing the actual Holocaust with today’s terror threats towards Israel. I actually have a very good friend at school who was born there and this is how her family refers to the threats, as well. Since Israel is predominantly Jewish, the threats to make Israelis “extinct” is commonly referred to as a threat for a second Holocaust.

    I’ll end with a Palin wink-wink. 😉 Now back to cleaning my rifles. jk.

  25. She did well with what she was coached with, but when asked about something off the list, it was interesting to see that mind race. You betcha. And I just do not like the way she parades her special needs child all over the place…like “lookee what I got.”

  26. Thanks Carrie for filling me in!

    Her “down home” talk was obnoxious, especially when you think of how the other national leaders will view it. We’ve had enough problems during the last eight years with Bush, do we really need to lower our reputation even more by having someone who sounds ignorant/uneducated meet with these people?

  27. DebiP says: Reply

    she is defiantly running for Prez in 2012….I see it happening now…I am moving by then…

  28. I want to see a Palin/Clinton run off. That should be friggin’ awesome.

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