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Fourth of July ranks right up there with New Years for my least favorite holidays.? The only difference between the two is that on the 4th there is a better chance of it being warm than on New Years.? As I look out my office window it is trying to sprinkle (apropo for the Northwest) but a lovely 70 degrees.

And since I don’t like the 4th so much we never have any formal standing plans for the day.? About a week before hand we look at each other and weigh all the invites we’ve gotten and pick the one that sounds the best.? It totally goes against our ye who invited first gets us, but we don’t care.? At least we’re having fun.

In past years we’ve gone to Heather’s parent’s house for water skiing and hot tubbing (always a fun time).? We’ve spent the holiday with a bunch of Canadians at Kathou and Paypay’s or we’ve spent it at the trusty in-laws.? One year we were even so motivated to host our own party.? We even bought some fireworks.

This year we had two options.? A good family friend was participating in the citizenship ceremony this morning and their family was having a large BBQ to celebrate.? All were invited.? Or we could spend the day at Tacoma Chickadee and Neal out on the poop deck (inside joke).? We voted for the latter.? They live not far from a viewing point for one of the best fireworks shows in the area and well… Neal makes a barbecue sauce that makes me want to hump his leg a little.? In return I make bacon guacamole for him.

So in a little while we’ll be heading to their house so I can get my drunk on.? I’m looking forward to it.

This morning I decided to do a last mintue chalking down at Frost Park too.? Talk about an event filled day.? Have a look see at the art and vote if you like.

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  1. Rhonda says: Reply

    Have a great 4th. Also, we may need that bacon guacamole recipe.

  2. I agree that the 4th isn’t a favorite holiday, but I think it mostly stems from the fact that it’s also my sister’s birthday. When I was younger, I didn’t understand why Alyssa got to have fireworks for her birthday and I didn’t – ah, the egocentric view of children! Since I’m not in Alaska, I just don’t get fireworks on the 4th: it’s too light out to see them, so what’s the point of keeping your neighbors up by shooting fireworks (illegally, I might add)?

    We also allow our kids to have choices and consequences. Quin is allowed to get himself dressed (his clothes are usually on backwards due to this), and I’m starting to allow Gretchen to pick out her clothes (although it’s more of a “this shirt or this shirt” process, otherwise she’d wear the same pink dress every day). Quin dresses himself after breakfast, and if he doesn’t get dressed in time for that day’s event, he doesn’t get to do it, or it’s postponed until he’s dressed (this usually on happens when the play date is at our house, but he’s been known to throw a tantrum for an hour before getting dressed).

    We took the kids camping last night, and although I’m sleep deprived (our Prius is NOT comfortable to sleep in – I’ll post the story later), we had a great time. I think the perfect ratio is 4 adults to 1 3-1/2 year old and one 15-month old. It takes a village to raise a child!

    Have a wonderful Independence Day!

  3. I usually enjoy the 4th – I like the day off and family BBQs. It is just a quiet day now that we live so far from family and haven’t made any really good friends yet. So we hung out. One thing I don’t like about the 4th in TN – either shooting off fireworks is legal or the cops just don’t care. It has been constant noise for the past 2 hours and doesn’t seem to be stopping. So far my child has slept through it but if she wakes up I’m plopping her in the middle of the party going on next door and telling them “you woke her up, you deal with her”. Heh. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could actually do that?

  4. Heather says: Reply

    Hope you guys had a great time! The 4th at the lake wasn’t too exciting, no big party this year. The folks are re-doing the deck and there are no railings up yet….thus mom said “not safe, no party, no extra people, kids or animals”. As always the fireworks were spectacular 🙂 and free…where do the lake folks get the money I will never know.

  5. NEAL says: Reply

    So, wow. Had totally a great time.

    Thanks for coming over.

    Of course, I’m talking to the guacamole with bacon.

    Good to see you and the family. Hope you had a good time, too.

  6. It was a lot of fun, glad that we were the least of all evils.

    Also thanks for the chalking tips, I might just have the nerve to show up one of these weeks. Also thanks for the blog encouragement. I set it up, now I just gotta start posting.

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