The adventures of Darth Boy and Jedi Master Mama

The boy seems to think he has some sort of Jedi mind trick powers. This or his little 2 year old brain is really working over time at trying to swindle me. Unfortunately the power of the dark side is slowly winning. Must use the force…

Darth Boy: (waving hand at my face) you will not feed me meat

Jedi Master Mama: (looking sternly) you will eat meat

Darth Boy: I will not eat meat

Jedi Master Mama: (mustering all powers that I have, which are limited) You will eat meat

Darth Boy: I will consider eating hamburger only if it disguised in something like lasagne

Jedi Master Mama: you will eat the hamburger

Darth Boy: (sucks ever last ounce of sauce, cheese and noodle off the hamburger and spits it out)

I am losing my battle here people. So far the foods the boy will readily eat include eggs, yogurt, bananas, cheese, cream of wheat, fruity Cheerios, oatmeal, and macaroni & cheese. Food he tolerates but will frequently come out of his mouth are carrots, mashed potatoes, or anything else remotely resembling a healthy diet. Meat is in it?s own category. No chicken. Chicken is death to this child. I have tried it fried, baked, with salt, without salt, with lemon, in a cream sauce, plain, or any other way you could possilbly cook the stuff. When we first got him home we could use the mashed potato trick and get it in. Now… Hell NO! Fish (in stick form) is ok one day but not the next. Hotdogs work in a pinch. But the thought of him eating hotdogs on a regular basis makes me ill.

And if the food thing isn?t enough HE DIDN?T NAP TODAY!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I put him in his bed and in the 40 minutes, yes only 40 minutes he was in there he maybe slept 10. He tossed and turned and rocked. Finally I just took him out of the bed. Fortunately he is in relatively good spirits.

Up for tomorrow… More Jedi mind tricks of the potty training sort.

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