The 13th Floor

You would think that with me currently sitting in a hotel in Anaheim, CA, that I would have lots of stories to tell you.? Don’t get me wrong.? I have stories.? I have loads of stories.? Especially since the room next to us is 2 teenage girls and on the other side of them is a room of 4 teenage boys.? And those 6 teens… they belong to me.? As in they are my youth from our church.

We are currently at the Western States Youth Gathering.? This is a gathering for Lutheran Youth from the ELCA.? It happens every 3 years and the last one was in Seattle.? This one just so happens to be in Anaheim.? So the trusty husband, our youth director and I packed up 6 youth and flew to CA to join 1000 other youth for a 4 day gathering.? At this point you are writing out my certificate for sainthood aren’t you?? I will be expecting it in the mail when I get home, especially when you see the photo we took of no less than 250 teenagers in the lobby of the hotel.

Actually, despite the un-remodeled floors of the Hilton are cheaper than the CEO’s daughter, we are having a good time.? But I do have stories about riding the city bus, missing the city bus, stupid cabbies or how we were standing in the World of Disney during a 5.4 earthquake this afternoon.? However, I am waaaay too tired to go through them all.

But what I will say is that we are staying on the 13th floor of this hotel and it’s wigging me out a little.

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  1. Signe says: Reply

    Hi Elle-(long time lurker, first time commenter)—Ok, I may have commented once before, but anyway, I hope you and your family have a nice time here in So Cal. I’m nice pleased that we could arrange for a little “shake n’ quake” for your arrival.
    I can’t wait to read about all your So Cal travails. Really do hope you have fun!

  2. kate says: Reply

    (Something is wrong with your comments. This is take three–otherwise it closes mid-comment. Maybe it’s censorship.)

    Elle! Don’t you reazalize your room is supposed to be BETWEEN the boys’ and girls’ rooms?

  3. Lena says: Reply

    Nice Californian hospitality greeting you with an earthquake … I’m glad you are safe.

    Have a good time with the teens. My kids are fighting each others morning tempers for the second day in a row … makes it so appealing to wake up in my parent’s house. 😉

    Miss you!

  4. I thought most hotels didn’t have a 13th floor? (At least not labeled as such.) You’re in a non-superstitious establishment!

  5. mom says: Reply

    Nice welcome mat from the Californians eh? Enjoy the sunshine, it’s raining here. (Gosh) Luv ya!

  6. Certificate might be late due to having a small human being ripped out of my body 2 days ago but with 1000 teens you likely still win.

  7. Tricia says: Reply

    Give me a ring or email if you need to be rescued! We are planning to hang out at the beach for most of the weekend.

  8. Tricia says: Reply

    We went out for in-n-out burgers with my brother last night. He’s in town from Wisconsin. We are already planning trip #2 for later in the weekend. Can you say “high cholesterol”?

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