That was so two weeks ago

I never had the chance to tell you what I got for Christmas.  Is that wrong?  To share what you got?  Not in my world.  I love hearing about the cool stuff that people get.  Of course if you got something completely awesome like an iPad I don’t want to hear about it because I didn’t get one.  Or if you got a super high end washer and dryer… please don’t tell me.  Because I could really use one of those.  However I won’t malign my appliances anymore since the great stove incident of 2008 or the dishwasher catastrophe of 2010.  I luurve you washer and dryer.  Your ability to clean clothes with such mediocrity and dry them as if we were in the time of Moses is outstanding.

So what did I get for Christmas?  A butter bell.  If you don’t have one of these you are missing coolness in life.  I thought it rather strange to get a butter dish, but once I discovered the shear awesomeness of this butter dish I realized what I was missing in life.  Dog slobber free butter.  Busy has a tendency to counter surf.  Her favorite thing is the butter dish.  Yes, we have a covered butter dish, but sometimes people in the house forget to put the lid on the butter dish.  Thus the dog licks the butter.  We also have 3 cats and while only 1 of them can jump onto the counter soon all of them will which will make for 4 animals licking the butter.  Just gross.  The butter bell solves all of that.  You put 1 stick of softened butter into the bell portion.  Put 1/3 cup of water into the crock, put the butter bell down into the crock of water and magically you have soft (not at all wet) pet slobber free butter.

What is even more awesome of a gift than the butter bell… Beauty and The Beast on Blue-Ray.  Derek had to keep me from buying it months ago by saying that we couldn’t own any movies on blue-ray that we already have on DVD.  I relented and gave up my pursuit of my favorite Disney movie of all time on blue-ray.  However, I got it for Christmas.  Sucka.

Even cooler than that?  A replacement for my jade bracelet.  When I went to China in July we visited the jade factory in Xi’an.  Most of the money I spent in China was for stuff for myself.  I brought home gifts for people, but I took it as the opportunity to buy things for myself that I wouldn’t otherwise do.  While at the jade factory I bought myself a solid jade bangle bracelet.  I had taken cash with me, but this bracelet was slightly more than I wanted to spend in cash so it is the only thing I used my credit card for.  I wore that bracelet nearly every day.  On Thanksgiving I had taken it off and set in on the counter and somehow it got covered with something.  Derek was making something in the vicinity of my bracelet, moved whatever was covering it and knocked the bracelet onto the floor.  It broke into about 6 pieces.  I lost it.  I sobbed and sobbed at the thought of losing something that I had traveled so far to get.  It didn’t help that it was right at the start of chocolate season and about a month after my mother-in-law was diagnosed with brain cancer.  I was a little stressed to say the least.  Anyway, Derek found someone in the US who sold real jade and purchased me a replacement bracelet.  The new one is slightly heavier than the old one and just as beautiful.

But the best thing I got for Christmas… tickets to see Cake again.  Santa said he didn’t like to give the same gift two years in a row, but he thought I wouldn’t mind.  He was totally right.  Only this time the seats are on the floor, row S and we are going to the Dahlia Lounge before the concert.  it will be… legen…wait for it… DARY.

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  1. Tricia says: Reply

    It’s a little early for you to be drinking.

  2. Rhonda says: Reply

    Now I want a butter bell!

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