That sounds like a Russian diagnosis

I was in and out of the doc’s and in and out of a blood draw in under 40 minutes yesterday. ?It helps to live in a smallish town. ?However, I walked out with no answers. ?The ARNP thinks it is nothing. ?Odds are it is just another random side effect of my ever increasing allergy issues. ?”For giggles” she had me go across the parking lot hand have some blood drawn to test my thyroid function… again. ?I’ve had thyroid tests, diabetes tests and every other blood test imaginable over the years with the same result… nothing. ?She also referred me to an ENT for a more in-depth look into my throat. ?She couldn’t see anything with the standard open up and say ahh method. ?The feeling is way down at the base of my neck so that isn’t surprising.

For the moment I have a “working diagnosis” of Globus. ?It basically means feeling of lump in the throat. ?When the ARNP was putting it into the computer the machine kept changing it to Conversion Disorder. ?She said, “I don’t even know what that means.” ?I said it sounds like something you would see on a Russian orphan diagnosis sheet. ?Conversion disorder of the 5th type. ?Actually Conversion Disorder is unexplained nervous system blindness or paralysis according to teh googles. ?Nope, I’m not blind, just feel like I have a lump in my throat.

Just one more reason I need a body transplant.

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  1. At least you don’t have perinatal encephalopathy! That’s a classic Russian Dx.

  2. lauri says: Reply

    Our Russian dx is perinatal injury to the central nervous how vague is that?

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