That pretty much sucked

ohhh looky me! A new look and all. Aren?t I fancy. Ohh looky me with half a month of lost posts. And some of those were damn funny too.

Yes I woke up to my site being hijacked this morning. If you were one of the lucky ones to see that crap I apologize! No, you didn?t catch me testing some design for an idiot. Of course when I try to contact the tech support monkeys at my hosting site with an URGENT message about ABUSE they don?t even bother to contact me. Don?t they realize that I have just been violated? Don?t they know that I am extremely unhappy about the situation? Don?t they know that I am the mother to a 2 year old and lack the brain capacity to fix the problem myself? Don?t they know that in my haste to rid my precious site of the disgustingness that I inadvertently deleted my entire blog and only had a backup from December 3rd? Why oh why do they hate me so?

I have yet to hear from them. Stupid monkeys. Lucky for them I?m nice otherwise I would have to do some serious smoting upon their asses.

Shall we continue with what was once my pretty little blog?

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