That newspaper thing

I didn’t say anything about the meeting with the newspaper because I had no clue what it was going to be.? I still don’t to be honest.? But here is what I do know.

The day after the technology conference I spoke at I got an email from one of the paper’s reporters.? Awesome lady.? She asked if Tacoma Mama and I would like to come to a meeting with a few of the paper’s editors.? There wasn’t much detail other than who would be there and when the meeting was.? (Consequently the meeting was on Friday at 1:00)? Being the eager little stay-at-home moms that we are we both said yes.

So Friday I got to see Tacoma Mama, sporting her cute new haircut, and meet with 5 staff members of the Tacoma News Tribune.? Oddly, I wasn’t terribly nervous because I had no expectations.? That is I wasn’t nervous until the Editor in Chief, Mark Briggs, walked in and sat down.? If that isn’t enough to make you crap your pants I don’t know what is.? Actually, Mark is a really nice guy and very easy to talk to.

Basically, the Trib wants to work with us on a collaboration of some sort.? No one (including us) know what that entails, but they wanted to sit down and talk with us.? Needless to say, Tacoma Mama and I are excited.


In other weekend related news, the trusty family arrived safe and sound.? We had a nice time in Portland and I got a 1 1/2 child free car ride home.? I took the opportunity to sleep.? Gots to say, sleeping in the same room with my child is quite the experience.? Lucky for us we didn’t have to share a bed with him, but we got about as much sleep as if we had.? That kid snores.? Gah!

I also received my Christmas wish a little early and am happy to report that the boy is 99.9% potty trained!? We took an overnight trip and didn’t pack a single diaper or pull-up.? Ok, there may have been a pull-up in the “accident bag,” but there was no use for the bag.? He has worn big boy underpants for a week now with only a slight poo accident at school.? This is all very big in our house.

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  1. NEAL says: Reply


    Forgot to tell CS that O used the potty without any challenges when he was here on Friday.

    The project sounds great!

  2. Lena says: Reply


    Awesome news on both accounts! What cool Christmas presents for you!

    Can’t wait to get more details!

  3. Now that sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see what develops!

  4. Jenny2 says: Reply

    “slight poo accident.” – that is your Christmas Miracle, isn’t it?

    congrats on ending your year on so many high points.

    you deserve them all. πŸ™‚

  5. Wow – really cool about the Tribune!!!! Go you & Tacoma Mama!!

    And hooray for the potty training too!!

    Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

  6. Awesome! It must be a hysterical thing to read your holiday card newsletter if you do one.

  7. Congrats on the potty training! And the newspaper thing!

    My 3.0 Model has apparently arrived early, and you’re right – they are an interesting challenge, er, upgrade.

  8. mom says: Reply

    Yea!!!!!!! Potty training the drunken little sailor a success. Glad your trip was just as successful. Looking forward to Christmas with all of you!

  9. Raissa says: Reply

    You suck! My child is content to wear diapers until he marries.

  10. jenyum says: Reply

    I am scratching my head and trying to be patient. Not good at that!

    Congratulations on the potty training!

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