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Oh right!? I have a blog.? I forgot about that old chestnut.? Actually, unlike 3 million Americans I have actual work.? The kind where I perform a service and people give me money.? The bonus is that I get to keep my clothes on… but I still do it in front of a computer.? Want to see what I’ve been up to?? Check this out.

Liza contacted me weeks months ago wanting? a redesign on a blog she wanted to make into a business.? I like Liza.? She lets me do fun things.? Of course I said yes.? Besides, someday I’ll visit Maui and maybe she’ll let me crash on her living room floor.? (so kidding… um, maybe not)

Then, as I was finishing up Liza’s stuff Amy asked me for more stuff.? After that Rebecca asked for a site* too.? And then I was contacted by a friend who works for Microsoft wanting Power Point slides.? And despite Power Point being the most horriblest** program in the world I said yes because, Microsoft = Money!

In between all of that I’ve been working on a project of my own, that no, is not doing a new header for February.? You’ll be lucky if you get that.? The header that is.? The new project is very exciting, but I’m not quite ready to launch it yet so you’ll have to wait on that one.

Now consider that I’ve had all of that work in the month that my SAD is the worst.? January was a little rough.? I went in for my monthly sticking last week and my acupuncturist demanded that I come back in a week.? So I go back this afternoon.? I’m fairly certain that February is going to be much better and still with TONS of work.

The bottom line is that this little blog is waaay down on my list of priorities at the moment.? It isn’t that I don’t like you anymore.? It’s not you it’s me.? Oh wait, we aren’t breaking up.? So just go about reading blogs that update a little more frequently and put mine on a feed reader so you don’t waste your time clicking over here for a whole lot of nothing.? But still leave me comments.? I like comments.


*Of which I’m not even started with so please don’t judge on the basis of what you see there.

** I am fully aware that is not a word.

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  1. kim says: Reply


    thanks for checking in. I hope Feb goes better, it’s always good to see your work, thanks for the links.

  2. Liv says: Reply

    Yay for busy!!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. glad to see you are keeping busy… idle hands, and all that.


  4. Oh Elle, I love working with you and love the design you made for me! The good news is I think you’re going to be getting more and more clients and your business will bloom even more. The not so good news is you’d have less time blogging here. Hmmmm… maybe I shouldn’t refer much work to you because we don’t want you to be too busy that you won’t have time to blog (ha! ha!) – OK, I’d still refer clients. How can I not – you do great jobs!
    Thanks a million!


    P.S. NO you cannot crash on our house. We don’t do it that way. When you come, I’d put you in our master bedroom because I like you. OK, we have a spare room which right now is my “improvised office” – you and you’re family can stay here. Seriously, you are more than welcome to stay with us πŸ™‚ (as long as it’s not more than a week – after a week my introvert self stresses out πŸ˜‰

    Ha! this comment is so long I should have just e-mailed you this!

    Aloha again,

  5. Charlie says: Reply

    Don’t forget us now will you!

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