Thanksgiving: The Resurrection

Normally one would use resurrection in conjunction with Easter.? Not this family.? Or at least not me.? This year Thanksgiving is a full on resurrection ’round these parts.

It started with me working my ass off with my church stuff for the past two weeks so that I could have the whole week to prepare for Thanksgiving.? I’ve never been done with church work before Thanksgiving so basically I was giving thanks for that.? Then I started to get emails from people that I owed various projects to and thought I should actually… you know… work.? That put me behind a bit.

I talked the trusty in-laws in to taking the boy Wednesday so that I might prepare for the feast that was to come.? In other words, bake pies.? That was all well and good until captain carrier monkey came down with a cold, and we all know where small person colds are headed once that snot runs from their noses.? Yep, straight to mommy.

I woke up Wednesday feeling not so hot.? Sneezing started, it wasn’t pretty.? I doped myself up with cold medicine and the sneezing never stopped.? Oops.? Not a bad cold, just a minor cold with a bad allergy attack thrown in for good measure.? It could have something to do with the fact that I didn’t take my allergy medication the day before.

So trusty in-laws have child, I have work and the trusty husband suggests that since we have no child we take advantage of the situation and go on a date… the day before Thanksgiving.? Me, being the ever so bright person I am, agree.

Now lets take into consideration that, although I have actually purchased the (thankfully fresh) turkey, I have not done the rest of my shopping.? Then there’s the issue of the pie.

We have lunch with the trusty in-laws Wednesday afternoon, and the service is slow.? We finally finish with lunch at 2:30.? They take me home, I work.? Trusty husband comes home and says, “let’s see the 4:15 show.”? Ok.? Still no shopping done (lots of drugs, can’t drive a car) and still no pies.

We have a nice date.? We saw Bond and mmm-mmm-good.? Loves me the new Bond (I am aware that this is his second one, I shall be watching Casino Royale once I finish with this post).? We go to dinner.? Service is slow.? We finally get to the grocery at 8:30.? By the time I get home I am wiped.? No pies for me.

This morning I am feeling pretty good.? My house is clean enough.? It’s not like I really have anyone to impress.? The trusty family already knows what a slob I can be.? Why try to be different.

I finished my morning coffee and set off to finally bake the pies.? I knew I should have had that second cup of coffee.? Pies in, shower taken, hair done.? Pies done.

I started in on the potatoes and for some reason it dawned on me that I think I might have forgotton something with the pies.? I looked at the can (see I ran out of time so I used canned pumpkin… bad Elle).? Sho nuf… I forgot sugar.? That’s like not putting the yeast in the bread.? I’ve done that.? I know.

The funny thing was that as we were shopping last night we walked by the freezer case and the trusty husband say, “hey, you could always get a premade pie.”? I gave him the look.? I have never bought a premade pie in my life.? I’m not about to start.

When I realized the error of my pie making ways I nearly sent the trusty husband off after the Marie Callender’s.? Then I realized that the pie was still hot.? I could just add the sugar and turn them into parfaits!? Oddly enough, it worked.

Now hopefully the rest of the day will go by without incident.? But seeing as I’m writing this shortly after I put the turkey in the oven… I’m bound to make it worse.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Sounds likes what creates memories. Proving that moments such are these are what create laughter to be shared with others. Happy Thanksgiving to my beautiful daughter and family. I love you guys, mom.

  2. Hope everything turned out and you had a Great Thanksgiving! Last I read on twitter you had a smoke filled house… 😉

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