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I want to thank all of you who have left a word of support for me.  It’s good to know I’m not crazy sometimes.  Just as a little pick me up the final(ish) profit total for Sweet Hope is $6023.  Earlier this year the board approved to send $3000 to Mirnoe.  The remainder of the money will be used to pay some upcoming expenses we have, like a 501c3 and filing our articles of incorporation.  We also are going to put on an event at some point in 2011, but we don’t know what that is yet.  We’ll let you know.

I received an email from Galina yesterday and she called Natalia at the children’s home as soon as she got home from her holiday.  They both agreed that at the moment it really isn’t the best time for us to send the money.  From January 1-14 the country celebrates New Years and Christmas and at the moment everyone around Khabarovsk is rushing around buying last minute gifts.  Hmmm… just like here.  She said it is very busy and difficult to properly shop.  It is also not safe for such a large amount of money to be held at the children’s home for a long period of time.  They both agreed that they would like the money sent after January 14 and then they will “quietly” make purchases for the children.  As always they will send photos and a report of what was purchased.


I will be back with my annual Christmas letter.

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