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Anne Marie had a good comment in the last post. She mentioned that the topic of snot had not been covered nearly enough in the blogging community. She makes a valid point. Many of the disgusting child related secretions happen to revolve around poo. Since we haven’t had our share of poo issues I only found it appropriate to stay on the cutting edge of journalism and bring you a snot report. If you call this particular blog journalism. Not really? I didn’t think so either. However, I find that it does worthy information that parents may find helpful. In keeping with that them I thought I’d share this handy snot chart with you.

1. Print out Snot Color Analysis Chart and laminate. Lamination is the key to an effective reading as most snot is slimy and may damage the color and render the SCAC unusable.
2. When child begins to show signs of nose secretions hold SCAC up to child’s face for analysis.
3. Take appropriate action according to SCAC*.

*SCAC was not designed by a medical professional. Use with caution. Any and all medical diagnosis given by SCAC and it’s creator may or may not be reliable. Users of the SCAC may not hold the creator responsible for continuing illness of child or possible death.


Yes, I am taking too much medication. Thank you for your concern. We are feeling better in the house of Elle, but my voice is about to go. Good thing I don’t talk on the phone very often.

You may have noticed that you can no longer comment on old posts. Part of this is because I don’t have my site set up to send me email notifiers of new comments. Only when I have to moderate them. I like to get a little surprise when I go to my site and see the comment numbers get a little larger. I also have a short attention span when it comes to posts. So I never go back to see if there are more comments on old posts. But the main reason I closed comments on old posts is to keep some of the spammers away. WordPress has a great spam filter, but for some reason a few get through on occasion. So now the site automatically turns off comments after three days. Please don’t tell me to turn the email notifier on. It would only mean I get an email box full of notifications that I won’t ever delete. I only clean out my email box every 4 months or so. About as often as I clean off my desk.

Oh, and to answer some questions. The sleeper was a gift from the MIL at Christmas time. I have no clue where she bought it, but it is the softest stinking thing evah. Never got pilly. The boy has since grown out of it as that photo was taken sometime back in January.

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  1. You were a bit concerned about me with my post about the imaginary lives of the people on my aerobics tape. There’s potential that we’ve both jumped the shark. πŸ™‚

  2. That is one handy dandy chart there! Very impressive, especially for an overtired, overmedicated mom. πŸ™‚
    Totally hear you on the overloaded inbox. And isn’t it such a guilt trip when stuff gets lost in there and you forget to reply? Oh the stresses of modern life. πŸ™„

  3. mom says: Reply

    There was no snot charts when you were little so we just spent a lot of time in the emergency rooms. Thank God, for the color coding, now it’s just like a puzzle. Get Oleg to help. You know how he likes puzzles!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bev Lindholm says: Reply

    I bought the sleeper at Fred Meyer in Lacey. MIL

  5. You are just a wealth of information Elle. This handy dandy little chart will be of much use in my household I suspect. Little boys and their snot – oh joy…

  6. Did you make that chart yourself?

  7. i was going to say i bought our sleeper that is the same one as your son’s at Fred Meyer as well but your MIL already beat me to that πŸ˜‰ Fred Meyer & the Carter’s outlet have a good selection, while the selection at Costco is not as good but cheaper of course. Also Kohl’s has a bunch, and they always have sales.

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  9. Thank you for the Snot report. Very impressive presentation.

    You may have a future as a Mucus Consultant.

  10. Gaye says: Reply

    so stinkin funny! I needed a laugh this morning πŸ™‚ Roman’s nose has been an incessant snot machine as well!

  11. Wendy says: Reply

    What a handy little chart that is! I might also suggest that once your shild rubs the snotty nose across your clothing you can hold the chart up to that.

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  14. Concerned father and cold-carrier says: Reply

    Aw. This seemed to be by far the best hit for my google search for “snot chart”, but alas, now the actual chart seems to be lost…


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