testing testing 123

I get a kick out of you guys. You all happened to be checking my site as I was testing a new design last night. I was quite entertaining if you kept hitting your refresh button. The last black, white and red just wasn?t doing it for me and well… I had this damn cute picture of the boy?s feet. So I found a design I liked and changed the hell out of it. Obviously it isn?t finished and usually I take them away until I am finished. But since you guys like it I?ll leave it up for now.

Not a whole lot going on in other news around here. The boy is totally in love with the puzzle cube from my bloggy secret pal. I can hear him playing with it right now. Of course the kid is way too smart for my own good. Instead of putting the shapes in the correct holes he cheats and takes the lid off and just puts them in the top. Gawd he is his mother?s son. And I do apologize if I said it was a Leap Frog cube. It is actually Melissa & Doug.

Today is another doc?s appointment for the boy. He gets his flu shot and chicken pox vaccine. He?s already had chicken pox, but the doc wants to give him the shot anyway. It will be interesting to see how much weight he?s gained. I am hoping I can talk them into measuring him while we are there. I know he?s gotten taller as some of his pants are getting a little hillbilly. Wish me luck!

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