Taste Testers Wanted

I have 4 open spots for taste testers.  Since I dislike having excess truffles around my house this means I have to give them away.  So I’m opening it up to you, dear readers.  Of course nothing in this world is ever free.  Instead I’m going to make you work for it.  After all, being a Sweet Hope taste tester is an exclusive club.

If you would like to be a Sweet Hope taste tester you must leave a comment explaining why you want to be a taste tester AND a story.  The story can be either your best reason for missing work or your best tequila story.  A panel of judges will read the answers and pick the best ones.  Those 4 will get a taste test box sent directly to their doorstep.  Fo Free.

You have until the end of the day on Monday to submit your stories.

Please note that taste test flavors include those with alcohol, nuts and coconut milk.  If you have an allergy to any of those be warned.

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  1. lauri says:

    I want to be a taste tester because I was last year, and well… because I am a working Mom, the parent of a fire cracker of a little girl and wife of a husband who has horrible gas.


  2. lauri says:

    also I can take them to work, share them with my office mates and get their opinions

  3. Hawk says:

    hmm I would love to be a taste tester. I am an adopting parent who is working towards an adoption.. but I also LOVE sweet hope truffles… unfortunately with my money tied up in the adoption I can’t afford any this year :(.

    A story.. hm… I was a two year old teacher until this last year and looove my twos. They come off with the funniest thing ever. One of my girls learned about genitals around Christmas of last year. As a teacher, I never talked to her about it directly but I followed her parents lead. I never stopped her from talking about it either, it’s pretty natural. Well that said, she proceeded to corner one of my VERY conservative parents. In that conversation she explained he had a “wee wee” and his wife had a “woo woo” and then told this poor poor man all about how they pee. It wasn’t technical (she was two for heaven’s sake) but it was hilarious to watch this poor mans face turn 30 shades of red from embarrassment… and his wife leave the room to avoid laughing in his face. From that point fwd, they picked their son up 20 mins later to avoid being able to be cornered from this little girl.

  4. Ooooh! I would love to be a Sweet Hope taster. I am a huge fan of the cause, and a major fan of chocolate. I think I am a good candidate because I am about 3000 miles away from my home in Tacoma, so I can offer a good perspective on how the truffles hold up in that shipping distance. Also, I am crazy homesick living in NYC, so anything from Tacoma would make me feel closer to home. I need that.

    As far as a story goes, I don’t feel like any of my tequila are safe for public consumption. My best “missing work” story is the day that I was late to my studio (where I was running arts/acting classes) because I had been in the emergency room until hours before class started. I was in the ER because I had six 5’X6′ mirrors fall on me in the back of a moving truck. After an EMT telling me he’d seen one fall on a person and kill them, I was pretty grateful to be alive. Twenty + stitches later, pretty well bandaged, and a little drugged up, I insisted that I still had to make it to work. Someone else was teaching the class, which is good, because I might as well have had a lot of tequila for as together as I was. But, I live to tell the tale! And maybe the scars are a good tradeoff for free chocolate.

  5. NATHE says:

    Sure! It’s gluten-free, right?

  6. lauri says:

    I forgot my story..since my daughter just lost her second tooth, a toothfairy story comes to mind. When I lost my first tooth I anxiously awaited to fairy,my mom who was famous for walking around the house nude,slipped a quarter under my pillow and I woke up to see big bosom hovering over my face. I woke up telling everyone that the tooth fairy arrives naked and has big ones

  7. Joel413 says:

    I thought I was required to be one so didn’t mention it here 😛 Of course I’ll be a taste tester

  8. Kevin says:

    I’ll test. Where do I sign.

  9. Mandy says:

    Me! I love chocolate!!

    Story: When I was in high school I drove a really beat up Chevy Citation and at one point it only had one working headlight… a high beam that pointed way up to the left. Usually I drove on well lit roads if I drove at night at all but one night, I had to stay late to pull a weekend closing shift at work and offered my co-worker John a ride home. He was giving direction from the passenger seat and I quickly found myself out on a back country road going about 45 mph. Because of my wonky headlight situation, I missed the sign that warned of a 20 MPH curve to the left coming up.

    By the time I saw the curve it was too late to make it safely and flew off the road and found myself paralleling the road, driving halfway in the a ditch and halfway in a corn field with corn shooting up over the windshield. Ahead was a telephone pole so I quickly jerked the wheel and popped us back up on the road and just kept driving without slowing down once.

    When I felt it was safe I looked over at John to see him white-knuckling the door handle. I couldn’t think of a thing to say to the poor guy so I just shrugged and said, “Don’t worry; I do that ALL the time!” For some reason he never wanted a ride home again. I was pulling corn stalks out my grill for days!

  10. Heather says:

    Because after 4 days/4 nights in disney with your godchildren deserves a great reward! Plus the nutty ones can go to the nut I married ;0) Love you and good luck!

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