Tales of shoes and handbags

That potty training thing might be fleeting. But we were off to a good start. He went before bath, after bath and first thing this morning. Nothing since. He’s far too busy with his toddler schedule to be interrupted with such trivial matters such as using the toilet. You know, with all the irritating his cousin he has to do and all.

His father made the mistake of telling him that since he was doing such a good job that we should go to the mall and get him some big boy underpants. Cause it’s not like we don’t have 4 million pair at home from all the other attempts I’ve tried. Gotta say, Sacramento has better malls than our craptastic one in Tacoma. I have to drive to Seattle for shopping such as this. And even then not all of the good shops are located in one convenient location unless you drive over to Bellevue and then I have to wash my car. Hell, I’m surprised they let my Hyundai into Bellevue city limits.

So we park at Nordstrom (which in Sac Town has a Salon Shoes dept. and just for Kathou I did some petting of the Manolos). Immediately upon entering the store the trusty SIL spots a sign that says, “Women’s Shoe Clearance.” The trusty husband instantly turned white. I haven’t seen him turn that pale since the day he discovered I’d found a DSW within 50 miles of our home.

Oh the shoes. The beautiful beautiful shoes. Weitzmans, Coach, the love, the joy! It wasn’t one of those suck ass shoe sales where the clean out the 4000 Uggs that no one in their right mind would buy in the first place. This was a high style shoe sale. SIL and I tried on pair after pair. It was like shoe heaven.

I found a great pair of suede pumps with a kick ass pointy toe. They came in brown and gray. The shoe monkey also brought me patent black and matte black. I am so not a fan of matte black pumps and I already have patent heels. Not that you can’t have enough patent heels. So I tried them on and they were great. Comfy (as comfy as pumps can be) and oh so very cute. And at $32 I was not about to walk out without them. I made that mistake last year with the boots. I settled on brown as I think I have more to wear with them.

We did a little more shopping and the trusty husband ended up with an awesome “leather” jacket. It was only $29.99! It is actually made of PVC, but even we had to look at the tags to find that out. Otherwise there is no way you could tell. Put it with a pair of worn jeans, a t-shirt and some Chucks and I have one hott husband. Not that he wasn’t hott to begin with.

The boy was the cheap one, walking out of the store with furry red muppet underpants.

SIL hit the jackpot with a new handbag. Our exit through Nordys took a detour through the handbag department. There they were having a sale on Dooney & Coach bags. Lee found a Coach bag that was cute, but I wasn’t totally sold on it. I continued to browse when I turned around and there was my SIL buying the Coach bag.

Elle: Hey Lee, did you see this bag? (pointing to a not on sale Dooney bag)

Lee: No, Oh man! I like that one better.

SIL then returns the Coach bag less than 2 minutes after buying it to purchase the more expensive, not on sale Dooney. Good girl. Good Good girl. If I had the cash I would have been right along side her with the same bag in Chocolate. I need a good winter bag. My Coach backpack is looking a little worn. I scoped out some Burberry bags, but they didn’t have any styles I liked. I did find a Kate that was very cute, but honestly, it was something I could make for a fraction of the cost. The disappointment of the trip was getting a glimpse of the new Jimmy Choo bags. Gotta say, not impressed at all. He’s cheaped out and gone crappy bling hobo. But that Dooney. Ohh she was pretty.

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  1. Kathou says: Reply

    Ohhh Manolos! Did you also bow in front of them or me??? ;o)

  2. Did you just say you bought your son furry underwear?

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    I hate that you can’t post pictures right now…damn…and yes, is the underwear really FURRY??

  4. Lena says: Reply

    We must have synked our thoughts today because I walked out of the store with a new purse/ totebag at the lovely price of 60 percent off the lowest marked price. $12 for a blue striped bag that seems so perfect for the upcoming trip to Mickey Mouse.

    Trusty husband have yet to see the total on the receipt, I was just shopping for some necessities … šŸ™‚

    And, regarding the furry underwear if that’s what it takes to accomplish the goal then furry underwear it is!

  5. elle says: Reply

    Gah, you guys don’t pay attention. No, the underpants aren’t furry. They have pictures of THE furry red muppet on them. If you don’t know who that is your children are not watching nearly enough public television.

  6. Heh, better watch your composition, Elle (who did much better in English than I did!). I went back to read the underwear comment, and you did say that they were furry! šŸ™‚

  7. Jenny says: Reply

    I walked through Saks today on my way to baby gap (how sad is that, seriously) i found this bag, who knows the brand but it was just soo gorgeous. I had to stop and try but alas there was NO MIRROR. But i was red leather or green (but not forest more blue green) and I thought, if my girls didn’t need all new winter clothes I could have afforded it.

    who knows. C goes to the UK soon for a week…..

  8. *snicker*

    The smart ass in me also noticed that, due to sentence structure, the underwear were indeed red and furry.

    Though, I did know what you meant.

    Congrats on the potty breakthroughs. It is a beginning, and that is the important part!

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