Taking care of my own business

With the sun shining this afternoon I was totally oblivious to the fact that my site disappeared.? I checked on the status of the transfer last night and it still said pending so I didn’t think anything of it.? I was fixing my hair this morning and the trusty husband came to tell me that my domain had been moved.? “Ok,” I said.? I had bigger plans.? Field trip across the “new” Narrows Bridge (I hadn’t been across it yet… so sue me).? Moreover, it’s nursery season.? One of the best nurseries in the south sound is across the bridge and with the construction traffic crossing said bridge was next to impossible.? Needless to say, I hadn’t been to this nursery in nearly 3 years.? We had a lovely afternoon, spoke to some ladies from the rose society and picked up a couple of blueberry bushes for a rockin’ price.

Where was I?

Oh, business…

So this afternoon we worked in the yard and after the boy stopped throwing a tantrum because we wouldn’t let him play with the Lime covered spreader anymore the trusty husband looked in on my little site.? Little did we know it was gone.? The servers for our internet provider are really slow and hadn’t updated yet.? In the mean time we were able to set some things up, change a few things and three phone calls to the shiny new hosting company (and 2 lost posts and about 20 lost comments) later I have a site at a hosting company I don’t want to reach through the computer and kill.? My previous hosting company, Dot5 Hosting (aka, DotDumb) is was just about the worst web hosting company I’ve ever dealt with. Worse than Total Choice who tried to blame my run-in with the hackers on WordPress.? Baaaaad.

The new hosting company is 1and1.com.? Love them.? Tell them I send you.? Despite the fact that the help line people don’t speak English as a second language they were helpful.? I wasn’t on hold for over an hour… in fact, I was never on hold.? Ok, once, but they played Bare Naked Ladies as their hold music so that totally counts for something.

Now that my site is all moved and I don’t have to stress if it will go down at a moments notice, or the fact that I have to have 2 email accounts to make one address work I can get down to business on my own business.

I’ve been so busy with other people’s stuff (logos, websites, family crests, you name it) that I don’t even have proper business cards.? Willow asked for some the other week… still don’t have any.? I have a half assed look for March.? I have headers mostly done for the next 3 months, but nothing 100% finished.? I tell you… when you work for yourself you never have time to work on your business.? It’s hell I tell you.

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  1. Oh, I looooove 1and1. I’ve been using them for about four years, good choice!

  2. 1and1 is the company that hosted my jewelry site. I don’t know much (ok, anything) about this sort of stuff but they seemed to be pretty good. Glad you’re back up and running!!

  3. DebiP says: Reply

    DH can totally commiserate with you on working on your own business…I can only tell you what I hear!!!

  4. You know…when you DO have time to work on your business, it means business ain’t that great. You’re busy? No business cards? That is awesome.

  5. Are you referring to your Urban Landscapes site or this one? I have an old URL to to Urban Landscapes. Do you have a new one?

  6. Carla says: Reply

    oh MAN do I relate to that last sentence! I spent the weekend at a business class meeting and my eyes have seen the light…hallelujah! I do not, however, have time to implement things.

  7. Welcome back Elle! And I be using my new toy to write this …

  8. Glad you are back!

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